Honey G is judge’s “guilty pleasure” as she “shuts down” Motown

Viewers are not so keen on her take on the genre though

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Honey G singing a Motown song on the X Factor live show… what could possibly go wrong?

Well, for starters, she didn’t bother bringing the noise to the Motown sound.

Instead, the ‘marmite’ performer produced a hip-hop monstrosity that had her spelling out her name and, once again, asking the audience to respond to her Honey G call-outs.

The good news for her though, she got a standing ovation from the judges and had Simon Cowell declare that she’s his “guilty pleasure”.

That may be the case but it didn’t hit home with viewers, who feel that the joke is now wearing thin with the ‘novelty’ rapper.

It seems that Honey’s shtick is leaving viewers bored as she seemingly repeats the same performance over again.

While others believe that there is a greater force at work to ensure that Honey makes her final dream come true.

With Little Mix calling out Honey G as an “actress” and saying that the joke is “wearing thin”, has this performance been the turning point in the viewers delighting in her act.

She may still be saved from the sing-off by viewers but if not, it seems she has the judges in the palm of her hand.

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