Homeless Danniella Westbrook has already lost her new job

Actress says clients at the teeth whitening clinic didn’t want to be treated by her

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Oh dear, just when we thought life was starting to turn around for the world’s unluckiest actress, Daniella Westbrook, the former EastEnders star has suffered yet another set back.

You may remember that a few days ago we reported that Danniella had lost her house and her car and was forced to make ends meet by landing herself a job flogging teeth whitening.

Giddily she wrote on social media: “Make you mates WELL JEL this Christmas Boo now. Spaces limited by available for @essexsmiles here in Liverpool @lipcouturedltd all teeth whitening done by me. call us & treat yourself get the Hollywood smile. Men welcome too.”

But now we must bring you the sad news that the down-on-her-luck actress has suffered yet another blow.

Well, this time round, Danniella has gone and lost her job!

The troubled CBB alumna told her Instagram followers that she’d be no longer carrying out the cosmetic procedures at Lip Couture in Liverpool.

“Just so everyone is aware… I WILL NOT BE DOING TEETH WHITENING AT LIP COUTURE, As apparently due to my septicaemia & multiple operations clients don’t want to look at me or have me treating them.

“So Nicole’s mum Suzanne will be doing the treatments… Wishing the girls all the best & happy Christmas all x.”

However, the owner of the salon, Nicole Francis, has offered a rather different story.

She claimed that it wasn’t Danni’s appearance that cost her her job, it was actually the fact she had a habit of leaving dirty, bloody tissues around the treatment room. Ew!

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Nicole told The Sun that her intention and been to work with the ex-EastEnders star on a PR project rather than having her treating clients, but that there was a particular incident that eventually nipped their professional relationship in the bud.

“Unfortunately day one of her starting the business she turned up late and was all over the place.

“She left tissues on the side with blood and anything else coming out of her nose in a clinical room, so I said to cover it for hygiene purposes!”

Good luck Danniella – have a great Christmas and fingers crossed 2017 is a bit better than this year.

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