“Homeless couple” savaged by viewers for having IVF quadruplets

Apprentice star Luisa Zissman led a barrage of abuse against a homeless couple who had four babies by IVF

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Channel 4 viewers have been left enraged by a couple who had quadruplets on IVF even though they’re homeless.

The audience shouldn’t really have been surprised. After all the couple were on a show imaginatively-titled: Quadruplets and Homeless.

No matter, lots of people were raging at Anyur, 43, and Tony, 49 for having so many kids with so little money.

Tony and Anyur have had four children via IVF (Credit: Channel 4)

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Mind you, the couple in question say they don’t receive any handouts from the state.

They had been desperate for baby and after two years of trying they turned to IVF, and two attempts later, Anyur fell pregnant.

But the happy news was tainted by their money woes. Tony was on disability benefit due to a chronic health condition and he’s also been battling alcoholism.

They were left with no option but move into Anyur’s parents’ house.

TV viewers can be a pretty judgemental lot and even though the NHS was never mentioned they assumed that the IVF treatment had been come from the taxpayer’s pocket.

Tony was on disability benefit due to a chronic health condition and he’s also been battling alcoholism (Credit: Channel 4)

The response was so angry, Channel 4 put out a statement saying: “Tony and Aynur found out they were expecting quadruplets after having IVF abroad.

“This film is an accurate and sensitive portrayal of the challenges facing two devoted parents who are raising four babies in challenging circumstances.”

Ex-Apprentice candidate Luisa Zissman slammed the couple and the NHS saying: “Totally irresponsible of NHS to give a homeless couple on benefits with alcoholic father IVF & then they have quads too #quadrupletsandhomeless.”

Viewer Lyndsey Fitzpatrick chimed: “Didn’t know you could get IVF on DSS & why have kids with an alcoholic.”

It wasn’t the only stick Tony was getting. Even Anyur’s unimpressed Turkish parents gave him an ear-bashing during the show.

They admitted they hated Tony and even referred to him as “the thing”.

Tony said that the birth of his children would change his life. (credit: Channel 4)

Anyur’s mum said: “He’s something to do with my daughter. He’s nothing to do with us.”

But Tony took it all on the chin. His four babies were born and straight away he admitted things needed to change: “It’s going to change my life. I’ve got a lot of growing up to do.”

Not all viewers were critical of the couple (Credit: Channel 4)

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When a programme-maker asked him about how he’d like to change he answered that he wanted to be “sober”. He said he was “taking it one day at a time.”

Not everyone was so harsh on Tony and Anyur though. Some people felt really sorry for them with one viewer tweeting: “What beautiful babies. I really feel for Tony and Aynur, they’ve a long road ahead. Good luck.”

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