Hollywood actress claims Robin Williams is still alive

The star claims she's seen him since his death

After vanishing from the spotlight for more than a decade, Shelley Duvall has stepped forward with some shocking claims.

Best known for being the star of The Shining, she has revealed her suffering with mental illness.

In a sneak peek of an interview with Dr. Phil, the Eighties actress is almost unrecognisable.

She is seen telling the doc: “I’m very sick, I need help.”

The trailer does not reveal what mental illness the star is suffering with, but it is clear she is in need of help.

Shelley tells the TV host that her Popeye co-star, who committed suicide in August 2014, isn’t dead but rather a shapeshifter.

She said: “I loved Robin Williams, I don’t think he is dead.”

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When asked where she thinks he is, she answered: “Shapeshifting.”

She also claimed that the Sheriff of Nottingham – a fictional character from Robin Hood – is threatening her and that there is a “whirring disk inside” of her.

Dr. Phil replies to her declaration that she’s “very sick” and “needs help”.

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It’s been 14 years since Shelley starred in the film Manna From Heaven.

Her first big break was in 1970’s Brewster McCloud and she went on to play Olive Oyl in the big-screen adaptation of Popeye.

She has previously hinted at her struggle with mental illness during of The Shining filming, which took 500 days to film.

Director Stanley Kubrick reportedly pushed Shelley harder than the other cast members.

He also allegedly forced her to re-do scenes hundreds of times and not tell her what he and Jack were improvising so that it scared her more.

She told The Complete Kubrick:”From May until October I was really in and out of ill health because the stress of the role was so great.

“Stanley pushed me and prodded me further than I’ve ever been pushed before. It’s the most difficult role I’ve ever had to play.”