Hollyoaks star Kieron Richardson introduces his twins in new documentary

His twins were born just over a month ago

Hollyoaks star Kieron Richardson has introduced his twins for the first time in All 4 documentary Raised By Queers.

Kieron and his husband Carl Hyland welcomed babies Chase and Phoebe Rae into the world in May and Kieron announced their arrival by posting their hospital bracelets on Twitter. Too cute.

They had the babies by a surrogate and during the last days of the pregnancy began filming the documentary showing them getting ready for parenthood and exploring same-sex parenting.

After meeting another couple who have also used a surrogate, Kieron also met a surrogate who talked about her own experience of making parents dreams come true.

When Kieron gets the call to say his babies are on the way, the excited actor rushes to the hospital and is there as the twins are born.

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Kieron shows his son and daughter on camera for the first time (Credit: All 4)

After introducing the sleeping babies to the camera, Kieron later revealed it was a few days before they could bring their children home.

“I don’t feel like the hospital is ready for two dads,” he says.

“There was one incident in particular there was a senior lady that worked on the ward said: ‘Those men should not be left with those babies on their own because they have no parental rights’.

“Well we do because we have all the paperwork and we’ve been through the process, we have a birth certificate with our name on and it has made me, and Carl feel judged a little bit.

“Our experience was just down to information not being communicated and much to our relief the hospital manager apologised.”

Look at that tiny hand! (Credit: All 4)

As the boys settle into life as new dads, it’s clear they’re loving it as they snuggle with their babies and give them a feed.

“They are very, very hungry babies,” Kieron jokes.

The twins are very hungry babies (Credit: All 4)

But he also explains to the camera that he’s aware things aren’t going to be straight forward for them in the long run.

“I hope things get simpler and more affordable so that more LGBTQ couples can become parents.

“I’ve realised it’s not as easy as couples might think, one to get pregnant, two to get through the pregnancy, three to get through the stigma, and then four to get the baby in your arms and think that’s happily ever after forever.

“It’s not because we’re going to face things in playgrounds, we’re going to face things walking down the street or on holiday, that’s just the way that our lives are going to be.”

The boys are already naturals (Credit: All 4)

But he was clear he feels incredibly lucky to be in the situation he is.

“I feel like I’ve got so much to celebrate right now. I’m a young man who’s openly gay, I’ve got a husband, and now I’ve got two children, twins. We love those kids and we’re going to show that we’re like any other family.”

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Telling Ruth it was an “unfair question” the guys said they didn’t tell people as they were both the fathers.

Such a cute family. Congrats guys!

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