Hollyoaks SPOILER: show airs another shock murder

But this time we know who's done it

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With the highest murder rate any village has ever seen, it’s a wonder anyone moves to Hollyoaks!

Last night’s E4 first look episode saw yet another character get killed off – and the fallout is set to be huge.

The show had teased that it would be huge episode for Warren Fox and Sienna Blake – Warenna – by posting a glam but brooding shot of the pair to their Instagram.

Tonight's episode of #Hollyoaks on E4 is HUGE for #Warrena… Definitely not to be missed! #anticipation #EasterTreat

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But we had no idea how massive it would be until it started and we saw a haunted Warren with blood on his hands.

Ever since he got out of prison and returned to Chester, Warren Fox has been hunting for the man who gave his sister, Katy, the final dose of heroin that killed her.

Warren believes it was Bart McQueen, but viewers know it was actually Warren’s own son, Katy’s nephew, Joel Dexter who administered the lethal batch.

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Joel had been paying Bart to stay away and keep the secret, but when Bart returned it could only spell trouble.

Reformed bad boy Warren had promised pregnant girlfriend Sienna that he would give up his revenge quest after they discovered they are expecting twins.

But then Bart turned up on his doorstep – ready to confess who really killed Katy – and Warren didn’t even stop for breath as he grabbed him by the collar and pulled him inside.

The next time we saw Warren with a tear in his eye and covered in blood, it didn’t take long for him to confess to Sienna he’d KILLED Bart.

Despite the fact he said he’d hand himself in, she decided she needed her baby daddy and she’d help him cover it up. He’d stashed the body in the empty flat next door, and after disposing of Bart’s phone, they headed back to get rid of Bart himself.

But just as they were planning how to move him, Sally St. Claire and Neeta Kaur arrived – they’re the flat’s new tenants!

Warren quickly dragged the body up to the loft, but now he and Sienna have to find a way to get inside and get rid of it before it’s too late.

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Next week, Si throws Warren an impromptu birthday party, with Sally and Neeta as the only guests, so Warren can sneak into their flat and move Bart, but when Sally hurts her back and ends up on bed rest for a week, their plan is ruined.

Speaking to Digital Spy about the mess Warren’s found himself in, Jamie Lomas, who plays Warren said:

“He thought that killing Bart would make him feel better and get justice for Katy, but it just didn’t. His pain and hurt is still there from losing his sister.”

And when asked about what he would do when the real killer, Joel, is exposed, Jamie added:

“It would shatter his world I think. I would hope Joel had left the village by the time Warren found out, because I don’t know what he’d do.”

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