Hollyoaks SPOILER: New evidence clears Ste of Amy’s murder?

Mercedes McQueen could be the missing piece of the puzzle as Ste's involvement is question by Harry

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So it looks like Mercedes McQueen could hold a HUGE clue in the Who Killed Amy Barnes drama. Because we all knew it was too obvious and unlikely to be Ste Hays, right?

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Mercedes gets sucked into the mystery when Ste’s fiance, Harry Thompson, goes on a large one to prove his beloved couldn’t be guilty of murder.

Harry gets some Sherlock feels and hopes to gather enough evidence to prove Ste’s innocence. But is he on a wild goose chase?

As Hollyoaks fans know, Ste recently confessed to killing Amy Barnes, but we’ve all known that it could never be that simple.

Ste’s lover comes to the same conclusion this week when Ste says something during a prison visit that doesn’t add up to Harry.

Harry goes all out to try to prove Ste’s innocence, pestering James Nightingale, until he ends up getting a warning from Amy’s widower, Ryan Knight, to stay out of police matters.

Hazza ignores the warnings and puts up posters around the village, hoping they will trigger someone’s memory. He also uses Tony to create a diversion in court.

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Mercedes is triggered by the posters when she recalls more about the person she saw going into Amy’s flat on the night of the murder.

But Harry’s hopes of a breakthrough are dashed when he is ordered to take the posters down.

Harry quickly points the finger of guilt at Ryan, but Mercedes also has some stuff to hide.

Is there anyone who didn’t secretly have a motive?

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