Hollyoaks spoiler: Cleo exposes explosive secret at McQueen meeting

It leads to Myra dobbing in one of her own

Hollyoaks’ drugs storyline is set for a new twist in the coming week, when Cleo McQueen reveals cousin Bart’s heroin habit during a christening.

The pair had previously taken the drug together, but when Bart (Jonny Clarke) steals money given to Carmina at her christening to fund his next hit, Cleo (Nadine Mulkerrin) realises things have gone too far and shops him to the rest of the family.

McQueen matriarch Myra even breaks her own rule about taking her family’s side and reports nephew Bart to the police.

Hollyoaks McQueen family

Cleo has been struggling to deal with the murder of her sister Celine and the death of Nathan Nightingale, who she was about to declare her love for just as he fell off some scaffolding.

Nadine said: “I think Cleo normally has a really good moral compass but lately she’s just getting trapped and hanging round with the wrong people. She idolises Bart and so that’s how she let herself get involved in the drugs. She is also still trying to numb the pain of losing Nathan and Celine.

“I think she is still grieving for Nathan and Celine because everyone she’s ever loved has died or leaves her, so she’s not had the best time. It’s probably the main reason why she’s acting out because ultimately she is still grieving.”

Hollyoaks Cleo and Bart McQueen

The actress added that her character was about to start developing feelings for priest Joel.

She said: “Joel is unavailable but he is really lovely to her and he’s kind of taken Cleo under his wing to stop her taking heroin – he basically saved her life.

“So yes, I do think she is definitely starting to like him more and more. There’s definitely something brewing.”

Hollyoaks Myra McQueen

Nadine said that she still had regrets about Nathan, who was played by Jared Garfield, being killed off.

She said: “I wish I got to kiss Jared a bit more before he left.

“I definitely wish they’d have had a kiss before he died because I just really wanted that for the audience, but it just wasn’t meant to be.”

Hollyoaks continues on weeknights at 6.30pm on Channel 4.