Hollyoaks: Paedophile to return

Will he take revenge on Cleo for sending him to prison?

Hollyoaks Cleo McQueen makes the devastating decision to contact her abuser Pete Buchanan after the discovery of her sister Celine’s body.

The drama kicks off when the Lomax family head off to a cabin for a break, but creepy Cameron is lurking to take his terrible revenge on Leela for having another man’s baby.

Tegan accidentally drops her phone in a lake near the cabin and has to wade in to get it back.

But the lake is a particular favourite of killer Cam for dumping his dead bodies in, and Tegan gets a nasty surprise when one comes to the surface.

It’s the body of Celine, who’s been missing since before Christmas, and who Jesse Donovan is currently in prison for abducting.

Cameron arrives and tries to take control of the situation, stopping his cousin Courtney calling the cops.

Things take a turn and Cameron starts getting more and more evil.

What Cameron does next remains a secret, but we know actor Cameron Moore who plays him is leaving the show.

A Hollyoaks source told Digital Spy:

“Killer Cameron has become one of the show’s biggest characters, even claiming more victims than the Gloved Hand Killer, so the writers and storyliners have certainly come up with a fitting exit for him with some big shocks in store.”

When news of the discovery of her sister’s body gets back to fragile Cleo, she goes into meltdown.

Only just rebuilding her life since Pete went to prison, Cleo reportedly struggles to cope and turns back to her abuser for comfort.

Noooo, don’t do it, Cleo!

In possession of a contraband phone in jail, Pete’s able to see her messages. But will he be able to lure her back into his web of lies?

If she helps Pete get released, will he return to the village to take his revenge on her for putting him away in the first place?

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Without Celine, her other sister Porsche, or her mum, Reenie, to support her, who does Cleo have to make her see sense? Can anyone stop her being manipulated by evil Pete all over again?