Hollyoaks old faces return to cause havoc at Amy’s funeral!!

Two characters from the past look set to bring even more drama to the village!

It’s been a crazy week in Hollyoaks, what with the murder of Amy Barnes. But fans of the series can look forward to some more shocks over the next few weeks.

Hollyoaks fans are set to be VERY excited when two familiar faces make a shock return for Amy’s funeral.

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As the grieving villagers come together to pay their final respects to the murdered girl, they will be joined by Mike Barnes’ former flame Zoe Carpenter (Zoe Lister), who was last seen in the village way back in 2010.

Not only that, she will be joined by Sarah Jane Buckley, who played Amy’s mum Kathy Barnes.

Speaking in a special behind the scenes clip on set, actor Tony Hirst, who plays Mike, told viewers that he and the cast were in the middle of filming Amy’s funeral scenes.

“We’re here back at the church where Amy got married but on a slightly sadder note, she’s being buried.

“But here are two people who might just cheer you up. They cheered me up. Here’s one of them.”

He was then joined on screen by Zoe who piped up: “It’s Zoe Carpenter! Everyone’s favourite Zoe!

“We decided that we would get back together when we went travelling. But it’s really sad. All our step children have died.”

Sarah Jane then joined the pair and revealed that Zoe, Kathy and Mike’s reunion is going to cause fireworks.

Well of course it is, it’s Hollyoaks for goodness sake!

“I am back,” Sarah, who years ago begged producers to reinstate her character, announced. “I play Amy’s mum. It’s good to be back.”

She added: “There’s going to be a bit of trouble caused by us two at the funeral sadly, but it’s great to be back and great to be back with these guys.”

Fans of Hollyoaks will recall that Zoe and Mike’s relationship caused a lot of drama when they first got together as she was his daughter Sarah’s’ best mate from school.

But things got soon got complicated when she embarked on an affair with her step-daughter Sarah.

Sadly that relationship didn’t end happily as Sarah died skydiving when her girlfriend Lydia tampered with a parachute that was meant for Zoe.

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Clearly these characters are are pretty fiery and wherever they go, drama and intrigue are sure to follow.

So stay tuned to Hollyoaks and find out what the writers have in store for us.