Hollyoaks Nick Savage sentenced – but how long will he get for his crimes?

It's time for Ellie and Holly to get justice

Hollyoaks Nick Savage faces court for raping Ellie Nightingale and Holly Cunningham. But what sentence will he receive?

Nick finally admitted that he was guilty of attacking both girls a few weeks ago after months of denying he did anything wrong.

He first attacked Ellie during freshers’ week last year when she was so drunk she passed out and was unable to consent to sex. Nick went ahead anyway and when Ellie woke up the next day she had no memory of what had happened.

Ellie was too drunk to consent to sex (Credit: Lime Pictures)

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After realising they’d had sex, Ellie knew she hadn’t said yes, and had to come to terms with the fact he had raped her. But when she eventually reported him to the police, they decided there wasn’t enough evidence to charge him.

Nick’s girlfriend, Holly, had stuck by him throughout the whole investigation, but deep down it was obvious she knew her boyfriend wasn’t the loving caring guy he wanted everyone to believe he was.

After a huge row with Nick, Holly ended up kissing Zack Loveday.

Nick was awful to Holly (Credit: Lime Pictures)

When Nick found out, he went mad and called her all the names under the sun in front of a packed pub.

Despite the fact Holly took him back, he repaid her loyalty by forcing her to have sex with him when she told him repeatedly she wasn’t in the mood.

Nick forced Holly to have sex despite her insisting she wasn’t in the mood (Credit: Lime Pictures)

Once again Nick failed to realise he’d done anything wrong, but after she confided in Ellie, Holly realised she had been raped and reported Nick to the police.

After Dirk made him explain through everything that happened, Nick finally realised he was in the wrong and told the police he had slept with both girls without their consent

Tegan wants answers over Nick’s behaviour (Credit: Lime Pictures)

As he arrives at court, he sees Tegan Lomax and they sit down together to talk.

Tegan was having an affair with Nick throughout the whole investigation and she wants answers as to exactly what was going through his head at the time.

Holly can’t believe Nick and Tegan are talking (Credit: Lime Pictures)

But as they’re talking Ellie and Holly also arrive, and Holly’s furious, all her pent-up feelings coming to the surface.

She launches herself at Nick in anger and DS Armstrong is forced to intervene and hold her back in case she ruins the case – or gets herself arrested seeing as she is outside a court!

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Armstrong holds an angry Holly back (Credit: Lime Pictures)

As Nick heads inside to learn his fate, what will the court decide?

We know he’s going to prison and that this is his exit, but just how long will be in for? And will it be enough for Ellie and Holly to begin to rebuild their lives?