Hollyoaks: New evidence in Amy Barnes case reveals another suspect

Whose name is in the frame this time?

Ste Hay is currently languishing in prison awaiting trial for the murder of Amy Barnes.

Having initially confessed, Ste realised he was having false memories thanks to his brain damage and pleaded not guilty when faced with the court.

Ste changed his plea in court (Credit: Lime Pictures)

Ste’s fiancé, Harry Thompson, is determined to do all he can to prove Ste’s innocence.

But he has no idea he’s being hampered in his every move by Ste’s solicitor James Nightingale.

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James Nightingale is a name in the frame for Amy’s murder (Credit: Lime Pictures)

Speculation has been rife that James was the one who killed Amy due to his ringtone being heard by Mercedes the night of the murder. And viewers also know he’s been messing with evidence and refusing to follow up leads.

He’s obviously hiding something, but whether it’s that he offed her and is trying to frame Ste for it in revenge for Ste sleeping with John Paul, is anyone’s guess.

Inside, Ste’s had a lot of time to think about that night, and he’s come to the conclusion Amy’s new husband, Ryan Knight, was the one who killed Amy.

Ryan and Amy had married only hours before and were planning to head to America to start a new life together when she was left for dead in their flat.

When Harry and his father Tony Hutchinson go to visit Ste in jail, Ste tells them his theory and they agree to look into it and hopefully find any evidence they can.

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Harry wants James’s help (Credit: Lime Pictures)

Harry’s first port of call is James, who he questions about what they can do. But James isn’t exactly forthcoming in helping and once again gives Harry short shrift.

Deciding to go it alone, Harry wants to look at the CCTV footage from the Loft on the night of the murder.

Ryan claims he was drinking in the club when Amy died, but Harry wants absolute proof that that was the case.

Is Ryan telling the truth about where he was? (Credit: Lime Pictures)

However, when he gets inside the club and manages to get access to the CCTV, he discovers the video from that night has gone.

Has Ryan got there first and already disposed of the evidence that reveals he wasn’t where he said he was?

Or has someone else taken it and got rid of it to ensure no one finds out Ryan doesn’t have an alibi?

Old Ry-Ry’s been getting dodgy calls and hasn’t wasted any time falling into bed with Mercedes McQueen again. Is he really the grieving widower he’s making himself out to be?

Did Ryan mastermind this whole thing and kill his new bride? Or was it someone else completely? Will Ste end up going down for a crime he didn’t commit?