Hollyoaks: John Paul McQueen in shock suicide bid

The popular actor is leaving his role as John Paul McQueen, but will he get his sunset ending?

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James Sutton has quit Hollyoaks after playing John Paul McQueen on and off for 10 years, and will leave in explosive scenes that see him drive off the edge of a cliff.

Although it’s not known whether the incident will see John Paul lose his life, it doesn’t look good for the fan favourite.

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Hollyoaks are staying typically tight-lipped about whether this will be his exit, but a show insider revealed to The Sun:

“In gut-wrenching scenes filmed in north Wales before Christmas, John Paul will be shown driving off the edge of a cliff in his car.

“Show chiefs aren’t necessarily saying his exit is for good and they are leaving the door open.

“But for now this is the last people will see of John Paul for the foreseeable future.”

So what’s going on? Is this an accident? Is he deliberately out to take his own life? Would he really commit suicide? He’s come back from the brink before, most notably following his rape in 2013, so what could possibly push him over the edge this time?

Seemingly backing this news up, pictures have been floating around of the Nightingale family attending a funeral, with returning cast member, the legendary Linda Gray, on set for these scenes.

Given James Nightingale is John Paul’s boyfriend, could this be a sign that JP is set to meet his maker? Will James go over the edge with him? Or is this just his family rallying round him in his time of grief?

Fans aren’t happy at all about the idea JP might die though, and they’ve come up with a far better ending for the soap stalwart.

Long-time viewers will remember John Paul’s groundbreaking romance with Craig Dean and some fans are campaigning for the boys, affectionately known as McDean, to be reunited after four years apart.

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Originally one of the show’s most successful love stories, a campaign to get McDean a so-called ‘sunset ending’ resulted in John Paul and Craig leaving the show together in 2008, before John Paul returned alone in 2012 when James agreed to reprise his role.

His comeback meant McDean had to break up off-screen, which hardcore fans weren’t happy about and now they’ve taken to Twitter to suggest the boys get back together, with one, Becky, suggesting “What if Craig comes back for John Paul #hollyoaks”.

And another, Ellie P adding: “Pleeeeeeeease send him back to Craig!”

With Craig actor, Guy Burnet, now in Hollywood, with roles in hit shows such as The Affair and Ray Donovan, it’s unlikely he’ll be tempted back to Chester though.

So as we prepare to say goodbye to John Paul with the rumoured stunt, we’re not sure it’s going to be a happy ending.

Let’s just hope no body is found so we can always believe John Paul got his happy ever after.