Hollyoaks: Harry LOSES IT when he discovers Ste has cheated

Ryan and Amy's wedding ends up in chaos

As the truth finally comes out in Hollyoaks, could things be over for good between Harry and Ste?

The engaged pair look anything but loved-up, when they come to blows at Amy and Ryan’s wedding reception.

It all starts when Harry Thompson finds out about his fiance’s night of passion with ex-boyfriend John Paul McQueen.

As he overhears a conversation between James Nightingale and Scott Drinkwell, Harry realises Ste Hay has cheated on him with the former love of his life.

Broken-hearted, Harry marches into the party determined to confront Ste (Kieron Richardson).

While he begs for them to have the conversation in private, Harry loses his temper and flies off the handle. And as things get physical, it’s down to the other guests to separate them.

Parry Glasspool, who plays Harry, said: “It’s never nice for anyone to find out they’ve been cheated on so it definitely doesn’t sit well with Harry.

“John Paul has run off so he doesn’t have to face the consequences. But now it’s Ste’s turn to be found out and Harry is back with a vengeance.”

None of it is exactly ideal timing for newlyweds Amy Barnes and Ryan Knight, who must have thought they’d managed to get through their big day without any drama.

But as fans know that Amy (played by Ashley Slanina-Davies) is about to meet her maker and leave the show next week, could the angry row be connected with her exit?

After the wedding, Ste and Amy end up in a fierce argument as they clash over Amy and Ryan’s plans to move to America with their children Leah and Lucas. And when things get out of hand, it leads to Ste suffering one of his blackouts.

So when Amy is later discovered dead, it remains to be seen if Ste has snapped and killed her during the blackout, or if her death is down to something else entirely.

One thing’s for sure – her new husband Ryan (Duncan James) is going to be devastated.

Speaking about Ryan’s relationship with Ste, Duncan said: “I don’t think there will be a friendship there for a long time.”

You can say that again, Dunc…