Hollyoaks fans in shock as Nick finally comes clean about raping Holly

Fans were shocked when Nick finally admitted he had forced the girls into sex

Hollyoaks viewers were on the edge of their seats last night as one of the show’s characters finally came clean about raping two girls.

Holly was forced into sex with Nick without his consent (Credit: Channel 4)

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In a tense episode, Nick Savage initially denied he had raped Holly Cunningham and told her that if she continued to suggest he had, he would be forced to release a sex tape he made of the two of them.

Nick tried to blackmail Holly into withdrawing her statement (Credit: Channel 4)

However, later on in the episode, Nick finally broke down and told his Uncle Dirk that he had indeed committed the sex crimes on Holly, and Ellie Nightingale.

During an emotional and hard-to-watch scene, Dirk pushed Nick further and asked him again and again if Ellie had given him consent to sleep with her.

Dirk finally gets Nick to admit he didn’t have consent to have sex with Holly or Ellie (Credit: Channel 4)

Nick tried to suggest she had, by saying: “She took me back to her room. What difference does it make?”

But Dirk, well aware that a girl letting a boy come back to a room doesn’t mean he’s allowed to have sex with her without her expressly agreeing, hit back: “It makes all the difference in the world. She didn’t say it, did she?”

Nick confessed to Uncle Dirk what he had done (Credit: Channel 4)

As Nick realised he’d been caught out and that he had committed a crime, he broke down and confessed: “Neither of them did.”

Dirk then called the police who came to the house to take Nick’s statement.

Holly listens as she hears Nick admit he raped her and Ellie (Credit: Channel 4)

While he was being questioned by the authorities, Holly watched from the doorway and heard him say:  “I didn’t get Holly’s consent when I had sex with her, and I didn’t get Ellie Nightingale’s either.

“I raped them.”

Hollyoaks viewers were both distraught and relieved when Nick admitted that he had actually raped the girls.

One fan of the show sobbed: “Full on crying my eyes out at #Hollyoaks no means no end of. I’m so glad they’re making a storyline on this.”

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Another said: “No ALWAYS means no. Rape comes in different forms. Bravo Hollyoaks. Keep educating the younger generation.”

And a third, who seemed to think there was a grey area with Ellie’s accusation, said: “Nick did commit rape this time. They were both sober and he knew what he was doing. There are no excuses this time.”