Hollyoaks: Duncan James reveals why he was so nervous about kissing Adam Rickitt

Their characters Ryan and Kyle have been having a secret affair

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Duncan James has said he was shocked when he discovered he had to kiss his old friend Adam Rickitt in Hollyoaks.

The Blue star’s soap alter ego Ryan Knight has been having a secret affair with Kyle Kelly (Adam Rickitt), and the pair locked lips in recent scenes in the Channel 4 soap.

Duncan’s acting’s don the ‘toilet’? (Credit: Channel 4)

James – who came out himself in 2009 – said on TV show Loose Women: “I was a bit shocked because I didn’t know they were going to turn my character kind of bisexual or gay.

“And I didn’t know it was going to be Adam Rickitt at first, who would be playing that part. Because he’s a really good friend of mine and we did The Big Reunion together and I’ve known Adam for years and years and years.

“When he started he said to me, ‘Oh so I’ve seen the script and we’re going to be kissing then’.”

James continued: “He said, ‘It’s fine, just go for it, just don’t stick your tongue in!’

“I was more nervous about kissing him than he was about kissing me.”

Duncan, 39, also spoke of his own experience of coming out.

He said: “After years of hiding a secret inside me, I wanted to be able to be who I am and I wanted acceptance.

“I carried this burden for so many years on my shoulders.

“I was worried about what the fans would think and I was worried about family and friends and I was living a lie really.”

The kiss looked pretty convincing (Credit: Channel 4)

The star revealed his sexuality in a newspaper interview and said “it was one of the best things I ever did”.

He said: “I thought I was going to get people shouting at me and saying all horrible things but nothing happened – I just had positivity, love and support.”

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