Hollyoaks Duncan James reveals HUGE spoiler on This Morning

He let slip exactly where his character was the night Amy Barnes died

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Hollyoaks star Duncan James has dropped a massive spoiler on This Morning.

He revealed to Soap Queen Sharon Marshall exactly where his character, Ryan Knight, was when his wife Amy Barnes was murdered.

Duncan spoke to Sharon about his character’s role in his wife’s murder (Credit: ITV)

It’s soap week on the show and Sharon is visiting all the major contenders for the British Soap Awards in a couple of weeks time.

First up, it was the turn of Hollyoaks where she dropped by for a chat with the cast including Anna Passey (Sienna Blake), Jamie Lomas (Warren Fox), Kieron Richardson (Ste Hay) and Duncan.

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With fans aware Duncan is involved in the massive whodunit, Sharon was keen to find out more about the plot.

Ste Hay is currently in prison after confessing to killing Amy, but he realised he was having false memories as a result of his brain damage and entered a not guilty plea in court.

Ste’s in prison for the murder, but did he do it? (Credit: Lime Pictures)

His fiancé Harry Thompson is desperately trying to find proof that Ste’s innocent and is pursuing Ryan’s alibi to try and prove he was behind his new bride’s death.

He’s set to break into the Loft to get his hands on the CCTV footage as Ryan claims to have been there drinking when Amy was killed. But when he gets there, Harry finds it’s gone. Who’s already taken it?

When quizzed by Sharon, Duncan explained: “Ryan has got so many different sides to his character and there’s quite a lot of darkness in there as well.”

Ryan has hooked up with Mercedes on more than one occasion (Credit: Lime Pictures)

As they discussed the Mercedes hook up, Sharon revealed it wasn’t the only illicit kissing Ryan’s been doing – he’s also been getting it on with Adam’s Rickitt’s character.

“Adam’s character, Kyle, has made quite a big impact coming into the show,” Duncan said.

Duncan had a major confession for Sharon this morning (Credit: ITV)

“And obviously he has a big secret and his secret is that he was with Ryan on the night of the wedding when Amy was getting killed.”

What?! This opens up a whole new can of worms and takes the story in a completely new direction.

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And, as Sharon pointed out, that gives Ryan an alibi. But Duncan was quick to challenge that theory.

“I don’t know how the producers, the time frames, I could have killed her and then slept with him, I still don’t know if I’ve done it or not.”

Just who did kill Amy Barnes?