Holly Willoughby’s outfit choice causes a stir with This Morning viewers

Seems as though figure-hugging leather is a bit too much for some

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Another day, another barrage of Tweets about Holly Willoughby’s choice of outfit on ITV’s This Morning.

Today the outfit in question was a figure-hugging leather pinafore dress which she’d popped over a white polo neck jumper and thick black tights. How very dare she.

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Holly’s glam winter ensemble, which included Kurt Geiger boots, caused a fair few viewers to comment on Twitter with one describing the look as ‘Rocky Horror’ esque.

Another thought she looked like she was off to shoe a horse.

Someone else commented she may have another job she was coming from.

And a whole host of people who didn’t really know what to say just said they really didn’t like it.

But there were plenty of fans who loved her edgy look and told the presenter on Twitter that she was “stunning”.

And then there was the normal commentary about Holly’s weight with Tweeters likening her svelte figure to that of a stick insect – with one posting a meme of a Simpson’s character falling through a gap in the floorboards. Not cool.

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Holly’s figure gets quite a lot of attention on Twitter these days since she’s started Instagramming regular pictures of herself looking faboosh in her OOTD (outfit of the day).

But luckily, like roses amongst thorns, there were those who waded in with words of wisdom.

Yeah, what he said.

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