Holly Willoughby reveals the truth about THOSE pregnancy rumours

Is she or isn't she?

This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby has been hounded by pregnancy rumours recently.

She’s finally spoken out about them – and revealed she ISN’T expecting baby number four.

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While hosting the daytime show a few weeks ago, Holly refused to eat blue cheese, claiming she didn’t like mould. But fans quickly took to Twitter to suggest this was just an excuse and it was all because she was pregnant.

Later that same week, fashionista Trinny Woodall referred to Holly’s baby bump. Although the comment was general, viewers were certain she knew something we didn’t.

Then this week, during a travel discussion over the Zika virus, which can be harmful to unborn babies, Simon Calder failed to mention Holly when talking about who could and couldn’t travel to infected destinations.

So that’s that then? Surely that’s all the evidence we need she’s got a bun in the oven?!

Apparently not, as on Thursday’s show, Holly’s good pal and Celebrity Juice co-star, Keith Lemon, decided he wasn’t going to beat around the bush and asked her outright whether she was pregnant.

“No,” she replied. “I get asked this on a daily basis.”

“Are you planning to get pregnant?” he cheekily asked, adding that he wasn’t as keen on Gino D’Acampo being a team captain on Juice as he was Holly.

She confirmed that she wasn’t and Keith said he was pleased.

Phillip might also have been a tad relieved after he recently joked that he’d snuck into Holly’s bedroom and given her husband Dan “the snip” to stop her having more kids and heading off on maternity leave again!

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Giving us even more reason to believe Holly’s not expecting, Phil chimed in during the conversation that Holly had been holding lambs the day before.

Pregnant women aren’t supposed to touch livestock, so she wouldn’t have been able to cuddle the cute little animals had she been with child.

So there’s our proof, Holly, who’s already mum to Harry, Belle and Chester, is definitely not pregnant.

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