Holly Willoughby reveals romantic connection with one of her pop star pals

The This Morning presenter starred in a video with Mike Skinner from The Streets 11 years ago - now their kids are in love!

We all had crushes on pop stars when we were younger.

But Holly Willoughby has revealed that her daughter Belle has a thing for one of her pop star’s friend’s sons!

The This Morning presenter was giving an interview about her musical tastes, and spoke about her friendship with The Streets singer Mike Skinner.

Holly and Mike have been pals for years, and the mum-of-three actually appeared in one of his videos way back in 2006, when she was living more of a single showbiz lifestyle.

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She starred in When You Wasn’t Famous, playing a TV presenter – not much of a stretch!

“The song is about waking up next to somebody, then seeing them on Saturday morning TV looking all squeaky and clean – but we kind of know what they got up to the night before,” Holly explained, on new online music show Red Stripe’s This Feeling TV.

“Before you ask, it wasn’t actually written about me! Just to clarify that!”

But these days, now they both have kids, Holly revealed that her friendship with singer Mike is much more staid.

Although she did admit she will be taking her children – daughter Belle, eight, and sons Harry and Chester – to one of The Streets reunion gigs next year.

“I’m actually also going to take the kids along too, despite how irresponsible I know it seems to take them to a Streets gig!” she told host Gordon Smart.

“Mike’s kids are the same age as mine. Belle actually has a bit of a thing for Georgie Skinner [one of Mike’s sons], as does Georgie for her.

“They’ll probably be at the side of the stage, holding hands!”

It’s a showbiz romance for the next generation!

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You can watch Red Stripe presents: This Feeling TV online.

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