Holly Willoughby recalls embarrassing encounter with mother-in-law

She probably couldn't look her in the eye after that

This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby may be the picture perfect yummy mummy to most but there was a big secret that she was hiding.

She always looks so loved up with her hubby Daniel Baldwin but she has revealed what she would be doing if still single.

Speaking on ITV’s Lorraine, Holly said that she would definitely be on Tinder if she was looking for a date.

She also described snaring a new beau as “so shallow”, as she took aim at today’s dating scene.

Holly said: “Dating is so shallow these days,

“Everyone is just swiping away.

“But if Tinder was available when I was dating, I probably would have used it!”

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To help with the whole process, Holly is about to bring a new television dating show to our screens.

Meet The Parents will see mums and dads given the responsibility of choosing who their offspring will go out with.

It sounds like a nightmare but it does get rid of that moment when you are introduced to your other half’s folks.

It is probably a scenario that Holly would’ve taken when she first got with Daniel.

Holly revealed that her future mother-in-law is an amazing cook but that also makes for a very daunting prospect.

When it came to return the compliment and take her turn in the kitchen, Holly said that it wasn’t such a great experience.

In fact it was so bad, she got flustered and almost produced a completely inedible dish.

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She admitted: “Dan’s mum is a lovely Italian lady. When we first met, she cooked me this amazing meal.

“It took me a long time to cook for her in return because she is just so good.

“When I did, I made a huge mistake.

“I went into the garden to get some herbs for the dinner but instead of picking the right herb, I put lavender in the dish!”

Fortunately, despite making this floral faux pas, Holly still came up smelling of roses as she worked her magic with the in-laws.