Holly Willoughby quizzes Danielle Lloyd on her designer vagina

Danielle suffered incontinence after giving birth to four children

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Holly Willoughby seemed a bit flustered as she quizzed Danielle Lloyd on whether a designer vagina procedure had improved her sex life.

Former Celebrity Big Brother star Danielle, 34, was on This Morning on Wednesday to discuss having the procedure done to combat incontinence following four children.

Danielle was on This Morning with her mum to talk about past issues with incontinence (Credit: ITV)

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But Holly pointed out: “One of the other reasons reasons, I guess, that somebody would go and get this procedure done is for tightness and it has a positive impact on people’s sex life.

“Em, I don’t really know how to ask you this…. have you noticed the difference?”

Danielle cracked up at Holly’s question (Credit: ITV)

Danielle giggled at Holly’s questioning and replied: “I am hoping it worked. Why wouldn’t anyone want a better sex life? After four kids… my partner has told me I didn’t need it but I’m sure it’s improved it a little bit!

“But that wasn’t why I went. It was the incontinence, but every little helps!”

Danielle said she struggled with incontinence after giving birth to four boys (Credit: ITV)

Danielle said she had £2,000 vaginal rejuvenation treatment after her four pregnancies left her struggling with incontinence.

The glamour model, who has four sons aged from seven months to seven years, said the “designer vagina” changed her life after giving birth left her unable to control her bladder.

She said on ITV: “When you have a baby it all drops. Even things like going to the gym became hard for me. I had to say to my personal trainer, ‘I can’t do that because I might wet myself’. It gets embarrassing.

Holly is a mum of three herself (Credit: ITV)

“I get really bad hay fever, so doing the school run, I’m sneezing, and by the time I’ve got there I can’t get out of the car!

“It has really changed my life.”

Danielle admitted she battled a few nerves ahead of the brief FemiLift procedure.

Danielle said she brought her mum along when she had the procedure to help with her nerves (Credit: ITV)

She told hosts Holly and Phillip: “I was a little bit nervous, that’s why I took my mum, because I wasn’t actually sure what it was and my partner was like, ‘You don’t need that done’.

“But I don’t think he really understood. I don’t think a man can understand until you’ve given birth, what it feels like to sneeze and wet yourself.”

The star said the non-invasive treatment was painless and that she soon noticed the results.

Danielle said she’s thrilled with the results (Credit: ITV)

“I can’t tell you how good it is and how much it’s worked,” she said.

“I didn’t go to the gym the next day, they said 24 hours after, and I was fine, I was doing pull-ups and I was like ‘This is great I’m not wetting myself’.

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“It changed that fast. I was jumping up and down when Liverpool scored last night and I had no problems.”

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