Holly Willoughby loses it as This Morning guest poops on the carpet

Stick that on the end of year gag reel!

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We thought we’d seen everything on This Morning but nothing compares to watching Holly Willoughby crack up while a pony pooed on the studio carpet.

In fairness, Holly is a famous giggler and she can’t help cracking up at the slightest thing, but there’s no way you couldn’t laugh when the incident happened.

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Alongside co-host Phillip Schofield, she was doing a segment on guide ponies.

Phillip was in the middle of questioning a guest about whether or not horses can really be helpful to blind people when the pony dropped its surprise.

Sometimes on live TV you cannot script true comedy and the timing of Monet the pony’s poo was absolutely spot on.

While Holly looked on nervously, Phil asked: “A guide dog is unlikely to poo on the kitchen floor…can they be horse-trained?”

And just at that exact moment the admittedly very cute animal made a large, lumpy mess right at the presenters’ feet.

Phillip kept his composure, saying: “Oh there you go that’s perfect timing.”

But Holly instantly slumped down behind his back in fits of laughter, barely able to speak.

Phillip wasn’t going to miss the irony of the moment though, challenging the pony’s owner: “I’m sure a person who had impaired sight would find that extremely useful on the kitchen rug.”

He continued: “I think you’ve proved my point here that there are limitations between horses and dogs.”

The owner had to admit: “Now you’ve flummoxed me.”

They started apologising for the poop, but it was too late for Holly who was already hiding behind Phillip, virtually gasping for air.

The owner explained: “We normally bring a bucket with us… This doesn’t normally happen.

“He just wants to make himself known on television,” she joked.

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However, Holly, 36, had to wipe her smudged mascara from her eyes: “I’m sorry, it’s just because he’s done a poo on telly and it’s sent us all a bit loopy.”

Ever the professional, Phil, 55, tried to carry on as normal, asking a runner to clean up the mess, which just sent Holly into even more hysterics.

Despite Monet’s muck-up, his owner was keen to stress that ponies are a still a fantastic therapy tool.

She said: “You get a laugh, you get a smile… And you get some poo!”

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