Holly Willoughby left terrified by unwelcome guest on This Morning

The TV presenter shrieked "Get it off!" as she posed with a huge snake which got rather too close for comfort

Holly Willoughby got the fright of her life This Morning, as one of the show’s guests got way too close for comfort.

To mark the start of I’m A Celebrity, the presenters kicked off the show by posing with a huge Burmese python.

Holly didn’t look comfortable from the outset (Credit: ITV)

With jungle fever sweeping the studio. Phillip Schofield introduced the latest member of the This Morning family.

“This is our new member of the team today,” he told viewers, as they stood talking to camera with the yellow snake wrapped around their shoulders.

But Holly was distracted from delivering her lines, as the tail-end of the snake started to wander…

“Hang on a second,” she cried in panic, as the camera panned down.

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The snake seems to be getting everywhere (Credit: ITV)

The snake had wrapped itself right around her leg, poking out from the bottom of her skirt in a rather suggestive way.

Clearly worried and not knowing what would happen next, Holly lifted up her skirt to show everyone what the python was up to.

“Good Lord!” shouted Phil, as the pair then cracked up in a fit of the giggles.

Help is at hand (Credit: ITV)

“What do I do!?” yelled Holly.

“Just let it happen,” advised Phil.

As Holly bent over in fright, asking again what she should do, Phillip – who was holding the snake’s head reminded her: “You are affecting my end as well!”

As the snake kept slithering, she started to shriek: “Get it off!”

And eventually a member of the production crew came to her assistance, to help unwrap the snake from her thigh.

Holly’s a little traumatised (Credit: ITV)

Viewers were in stitches at Holly’s slithery predicament.

And after Phil and Holly regained their composure to ask for suggestions on a name for the snake, the ideas were coming in thick and fast.

(Credit: Twitter)

One viewer suggested “Holly Slitherby” while another joked: “Call the snake Sssscilla cos she gave Holly a bit of a Surprise Surprise #boomtish #thismorning”

(Credit: Twitter)

And another said: “The snake HAS to be named IVY after wrapping itself around Holly, apt too this time of year! #HollyandIvy”

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This Morning returns to ITV tomorrow at 10.30am.

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