Holly Willoughby jokingly asks co-host Phillip Schofield if lookalike baby is his love child

The host was compared to Noah who was born with silver hair

This Morning’s Holly Willoughby was left stunned after a viewer sent in a photo of her adorable tot who has a strong resemblance to Phillip Schofield.

Holly, 36, even went on to jokingly ask her co-star if the baby was secretly his love child!

The super-sweet snap shows Noah, who was born just last week, with striking silver hair.

Noah had a very strong resemblance to Phil (Credit: ITV)

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As today’s This Morning kicked off Holly and Phil started by sharing some photos that their viewers had sent in.

As Noah’s pic popped up Holly explained that Clare Kelly had sent in the photo and told the hosts that her hubby Steve is convinced Phil is Noah’s dad.

The cameras then zoomed in on Phil’s face and placed it next to Noah and Holly was stunned at the similarities.

She said: “Noah was born on Friday morning and his mum Clare Kelly says she’s had non-stop comments about his silver hair.

“Her husband has even asked if she had an affair with Phillip Schofield.

Holly jokingly asked Phil if Noah is his secret love child (Credit: ITV)

“He wants to know if Noah is Philip’s love child. I would like to see this picture next to Phil and hear what he has to say.”

She then asked her presenting partner: “Is that your love child?

“There’s is something very similar about that.”

Phil, who is known for his silver hair, then spoke directly to Clare joking: “And what’s more – you promised you’d never tell!”

Phil was stunned at Holly’s remarks (Credit: ITV)

Clare reached out to This Morning through their Facebook page in the hope that her little tot would feature on the show and Phil would be able to comment on the photo.

She wrote: “Hi, my son was born on Friday morning , he’s been in intensive care for three days and can out this morning.

“But the non stop comments on his hair have been coming as it’s silver, and I myself am dark blonde and my husband isn’t blond either but my husband has asked if I have had an affair with Philip schofield?

Hi , my son was born on Friday morning , he's been in intensive care for three days and can out this morning , but the…

Posted by Clare Kelly on Monday, June 19, 2017

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“Is he his love child? I would like to see if this gets to Philip and see what he says. My son is called Noah [sic]”

Clare opened up about the attention that Noah’s hair has received. She told Manchester Evening News: “We are overwhelmed with all the attention and love being sent Noah’s way and can’t thank everybody enough.

“We love his silver hair, the little man is a dream and is obviously set for stardom.”

Meanwhile on the show Holly was left amazed after meeting six-year-old Jayden Binkley, who was diagnosed with autism when he was three.

Jayden wowed viewers and the presenters with his knowledge of world geography.

Jayden appeared on the show to show off his incredible geography knowledge (Credit: ITV)

He showed off his skills as he named all the countries of the world, their capitals and their flags.

Jayden was able to confidently identify a series of countries and their capitals by just looking at their flags.

Viewers were shocked at his knowledge with one writing on Twitter: “Oh my gosh what an amazing little boy well done Jayden you’ve brought a huge smile to everyone’s face #ThisMorning.”

Another said: “Jayden is so talented! #thismorning.”