Holly Willougby posing and with a cocktail

Holly Willoughby impresses Instagram fans as she shows off her ‘singing’ voice

A woman of many talents!

Holly Willoughby has impressed her Instagram fans with her “singing” voice.

The This Morning star uploaded a TikTok video of herself and her pals Nicole Appleton and Shiarra Bell in the car on their way out.

And, from the looks of the post, it seemed as if the girls are off on a day drinking session.

Holly Willoughby posing on the red carpet
Holly Willoughby has uploaded a video of herself ‘singing’ to Instagram (Credit: Cover Images)

Can Holly Willoughby sing?

Well, some of her Instagram followers appear to think that she can.

Holly uploaded a video of herself and her pals in the car.

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In the video, they are seen “singing” along to a song that details the fact they’ll have hangovers tomorrow.

It starts with Shiarra singing: “I’m gonna be hungover.”

Holly is then seen to “sing”: “I’m gonna be hungover.”

Nicole finishes up the song with: “I’m gonna drink a bunch of different drinks and I’m gonna be hungover.”

Holly Willoughby posing with a cocktail
Holly and her pals are out on the town – and expecting a hangover (Credit: Instagram)

Fans react to Holly’s Instagram post

Fans of the This Morning presenter couldn’t help but be impressed by her vocals.

One commented: “I never knew Holly could sing!”

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A second added: “You’re amazing at singing!”

A third commented: “Nice song and good singing.”

However, not everyone was fooled – and that’s because Holly and her pals were actually lip-syncing, as one follower pointed out.

“That’s Haim singing. They’re lip-synching!” one declared.

Haim’s hangover song

The ditty is indeed by Haim, the trio of ladies singing it in a car on the way to a night out themselves and uploading it to TikTok.

It quickly went viral, with Holly and her pals just a few of the ladies who’s “covered” it.

However, despite it not being Holly actually singing, fans did wish her a good night out – and sent her a wish for tomorrow morning.

“Hope you won’t feel too rough ladies, if you need an extra drinking partner just let me know!” said one.

“You’re gonna need a headache tablet in the morning then,” another added.

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