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Friday 6th December 2019

Holly Willoughby in tears as Phillip Schofield presents her with an early birthday present

But This Morning viewers were divided...

Holly Willoughby had tears streaming down her face as This Morning co-host Phillip Schofield presented her with an early birthday present today (Thursday 7 February).

The TV presenter, who will turn 37 on Sunday, admitted she felt "weirdly emotional" when Phillip revealed he had organised a little surprise for her...

Holly was choked (Credit: ITV)

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And by little, we mean, four tiny Pomeranian puppies. Has the word 'awwww' ever been more appropriate?!

As Holly looked on with her hand over her mouth in genuine surprise, Phillip welcomed the cluster of pups into the studio as they were wheeled in on a bicycle's basket.

Holly immediately welled up with tears, before asking if she could hold one.

Cuteness overload! (Credit: ITV)

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I absolutely love Phil and Holly's friendship. He bought her a puppy for her birthday how cute is that?  I wish someone would do that for me! #ThisMorning.

Phillip revealed that the bundles of fluff were eight weeks old, and that one was named Coco. Holly was allowed to name the other three, who were boys, and started with Bertie.

Mum-of-three Holly said: "Oh my god. There they are, they're so cute, this is the cutest thing I've ever seen."

Clearly falling in love with the pooches, Holly looked thrilled when Phil told her: "You can play with them through the whole show."

When Holly asked if she "had to give them back?", Phil replied: "We'll see."

Birthday presents goals (Credit: ITV)

He joked that Holly's husband Dan Baldwin was "fine" with the new additions, laughing: "That's your present. No they are all yours! Dan is fine with it!"

However she insisted he would NOT be fine with it at all. But looking at the camera later in the show, she said: "If my husband is watching, darling please!"

The gift follows a segment last week when Holly met a rescue pup and was reduced to floods of tears.

What better use of a pup's fur than to wipe away the tears of a human... (Credit: ITV)

Most fans were just as enamoured with the pups as Holly, with one saying: "Holly, keep the pup, so cute."

Another said: "I need them puppies!!! @thismorning @hollywills @Schofe Holly please take one home."

A third added: "I absolutely love Phil and Holly's friendship. He bought her a puppy for her birthday how cute is that?  I wish someone would do that for me! #ThisMorning."

"As someone who shares Holly's birthday, I can only agree... YES to the puppy! I'd love one too  Really cheering me up as I sit here with the dreaded lurgy, soooo beautiful!!" said another doggy lover.

However, others criticised the show, insisting a dog is for life and not just a toy.

One wrote: "Shame on you Schofield for gifting live pup(s) to Holly on This Morning, which she declined at the end!! Encouraging this sort of disregard for animals is unforgiveable."

Another said: "Cannot believe you think it's appropriate to use puppies as gifts to 'play with'."

Yet another blasted the show, saying: "Promoting the idea that puppies are great presents is hugely irresponsible but, as you say, Holly gets what Holly wants! #thismorning."

Another was "disgusted" that the show was using puppies with so many dogs in rescue centres.

Whether Holly will get her way and take home a puppy remains to be seen, but we think her husband might have got the hint by now!

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