Holly Willoughby goes into meltdown as This Morning puppy is introduced

Furry surprise as she and Phillip Schofield return

It was a case of puppy love on today’s This Morning as Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby made their long-awaited return to the ITV show.

In one segment, the popular hosts introduced the programme’s new mascot – an adorable 12-week-old puppy – and it’s safe to say that Holly was smitten.

As Phillip told viewers: “We’ve got a new addition to the This Morning family. Neither of us have seen him yet,” Holly jigged up and down with excitement.

And when the Labrador-Golden Retriever cross was brought into the studio, she covered her mouth with shock at how cute he was.

Credit: ITV
Holly was left open-mouthed by the puppy’s cuteness (Credit: ITV)

“Oh my goodness, look at your big paws. You’re going to get so big!” she told the pup as she stroked his ears.

Phillip referred to the pet as their “fur baby”, before revealing that they’d yet to give him a name.

The pair then asked viewers to help them choose one, giving them a shortlist of names beginning with D… Dylan, Digby and Dougie.

Holly announced that her preference was Digby, and viewers agreed.

Holly was clearly desperate to give Digby a cuddle, and she got her chance after Phillip began to struggle with the dog’s weight.

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“Can I say something?” he told his co-presenter. “He is [expletive] heavy.”

He then gave Holly some advice on how to handle the pup: “Hold it just like any other baby – just support the head.”

Credit: ITV
The presenter nuzzled Digby’s face while Phillip addressed viewers (Credit: ITV)

Digby is This Morning’s third canine mascot, following in the paw prints of Labradoodle Luna and her predecessor, Labrador Clover.

Both of those dogs have gone on to become guide dogs, and Phillip revealed that Digby is destined to do the same.

“He’s going to have a very important job when he grows up,” he explained, telling viewers that Digby will go into service with the Dogs For Good charity.

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Phillip and Holly gave Luna an emotional farewell in July, filling the studio with balloons and showing a montage of her best bits – including the times she met comedian Ricky Gervais and Strictly star Danny Mac on the sofa.

But we reckon they’ll get over her quickly enough now that they have a new four-legged friend to keep them company.

Holly further demonstrated her fondness for the new pooch when she later posted a picture of herself with Digby on Instagram.

Alongside the snap, she wrote: “I love you already.”

And judging by the comments that followed, fans were rather taken by him too.

Holly later posted a pic of herself with the dog on Instagram (Credit: Holly Willoughby/Instagram)

One gushed: “He is sooooo cute!!! Great pic xx.”

Another wrote: “Awww love this wee puppy!”

And a third viewer commented: “You can tell I’m pregnant – this made me cry. Toooooo cute.”

Speaking of cute, Holly revealed on the show that, during her summer break from This Morning, she and her husband, TV executive Dan Baldwin, jetted off to the south of France to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary.

It was the couple’s first break without their three children.

Mind you, Dan had better watch out – now that Digby’s come along, he might just have a rival for Holly’s affections.

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