Holly Willoughby has teased Wylde Moon on her Instagram

Holly Willoughby fans intrigued by mysterious ‘Wylde Moon’ tease on Instagram

What could it be?

This Morning star Holly Willoughby has her Instagram fans all excited after teasing a new venture called ‘Wylde Moon’.

The presenter, 40, partially revealed her involvement with the unknown project earlier today (Sunday September 19).

Her Insta and Twitter followers weren’t entirely sure why they should be interested in Wylde Moon but thousands of them certainly were.

Wylde Moon, as plugged by Holly Willoughby
What is Wylde Moon all about? (Credit: Instagram @hollywilloughby)

What has Holly Willoughby revealed about Wylde Moon?

Holly shared a short clip on her social media this morning – and promised more details would be revealed soon.

The clip showed grainy footage of a symbol containing the letters ‘W’ and ‘M’, presumably referring to ‘Wylde Moon’.

It moved on to include a glimpse of what appeared to be a full moon in a night sky. The words ‘Something is coming…’ were then animated, as if scrawled across the screen and written freehand.

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That was followed by a flickering, brief sight of Holly herself.  Dressed in a black jacket with only her torso, shoulders and head visible, a light traced across her face, casting shadows.

The clip then concluded with another look at the Wylde Moon logo.

She repeated “Something is coming tomorrow…” in the post’s caption alongside a plug for Wylde Moon’s dedicated Insta account.

However, the version of the clip she posted on Twitter included a link to a Wylde Moon website. That site includes the opportunity for anyone interested to sign up for email updates promising ‘exclusive content’.

Holly Willoughby appears in the Wylde Moon tease
Holly Willoughby briefly appears in the Wylde Moon tease (Credit: Instagram @hollywilloughby)

How did fans react?

Despite it not being clear what Wylde Moon is, many of Holly’s followers and celebrity pals were keen to sign up.

“Sooo exciting!” commented All Saints singer Nicole Appleton.

“Just subscribed!” enthused TV presenter Angela Scanlon.

Talk about being busy!

Elsewhere, other fans were as quick to rave about whatever Wylde Moon may be.

“Talk about being busy!” tweeted one fan.

“Can’t wait until tomorrow. Whatever it is, it’s going to be a success with you at the helm.”

Someone else gushed: “Holy Holly!”

Another remarked: “Ooo you have been busy.”

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However, one person went the other way and joked Holly was due another break from work with her tease.

“What another day off?” they wrote.

What is the link between Holly Willoughby and Wylde Moon?

Holly’s Insta bio now includes a reference to her being the founder of Wylde Moon.

So it is clear she has a very close association with whatever it may be.

Looks like we’ll all have to wait a few more hours to find out exactly what it is!

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