Holly Willoughby divides fans AGAIN over This Morning outfit

Fans haven't been impressed with the star's fashion choices this week

She usually wows with her stylish and chic outfits but it seems this week This Morning’s Holly Willoughby isn’t winning over her followers with her outfits for the show.

Today the 36-year-old wore a striped red, black and white dress paired with a simple pair of black heels.

But some critics were quick to express their hatred for the Hobbs London frock calling it “awful” and “grannyish”.

Fans branded her dress “awful” and “grannyish” (Credit: Instagram)

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The mum-of-three posted her usual outfit snap to her Instagram account captioning it: “Morning Wednesday,” before telling her fans where they can get the look from.

And her fans weren’t shy to let her know what they really thought of the look.

One follower commented: “Too old for you 😳. Not the most flattering of dresses.”

Another agreed: “Not the best dress for you – bit grannyish.”

“No likey today Holly, sorry,” a third wrote.

One added: “Nooo awful. Usually smash it, but not today,” with another agreeing: “This dress is awful…”

Holly’s Monday outfit didn’t get the approval either (Credit: Instagram)

On Monday the star found herself in a similar situation after fans weren’t keen on her unique dress and boot combination look.

The presenter slipped into a Hobbs London blue and silver dress and paired the look with a pair of expensive leather ankle boots.

She captioned the snap: “Good morning! Today’s look on @thismorning dress by @hobbslondon boots by @jonesbootmaker #HWStyle💁✨.”

Her devoted followers rushed to comment on the post gushing over the star’s look.

One said: “Gorgeous lady, amazing style ❤️.”

Another wrote: “Loving the boots!”

Holly often shares pics of her This Morning outfits (Credit: ITV)

But others weren’t so keen on the star’s choice of footwear.

One commented: “Always love what you wear, but I don’t like the boots with the dress sorry.”

Another agreed: “Not sure about the boots!! She never usually gets it wrong for me!”

“Loving the dress, not keen on the boots,” a third said.

Over the past year the blonde beauty has been at the centre of much discussion over her changing figure with many fans concerned she’s “losing too much weight”.

Earlier this month the presenter finally addressed all the gossip surrounding her physique.

Holly usually wows with her show outfits (Credit: Instagram)

She told Lorraine Kelly on her talk show: “My children are a bit older, you get to that point where you have a bit more time to yourself.

“But I think as long as you’re happy and healthy that’s most important.”

Earlier this month the star was mocked over her outfit photos but this time by celeb pals Paddy McGuinness and Keith Lemon.

The comedy duo appeared on the show last week.

Comedian Paddy and co-star Keith were quick to mock the presenter live on air for her “looking out of a window” pose leaving Holly blushing.

Paddy, Keith and Phil mocked Holly’s Instagram pose (Credit: ITV)

As they started discussing Holly’s Instagram photos Paddy, 44, said: “When I look at Holly’s pictures on Instagram, I go: ‘What’s she looking at?'”

Keith jumped in adding: “She stands there and looks out a frosted window so she can’t see anything anyway. Is it something, what is she looking at?”

Paddy then stood up and hilariously acted out what he thinks Holly must do to take the snaps.

Holly was left blushing and giggling at their comments while her presenting partner Phillip Schofield couldn’t help but agree with Keith and Paddy.

Phil, 55, then got up Holly’s social media account on his phone to look at the pics.

Holly often shows her “looking out the window” pose (Credit: Instagram)

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But her latest photo proved them all wrong as Holly is looking directly at the camera.

Phil said: “On today’s picture you are actually looking at us, at the lens.

Holly was quick to fire back at the boys as she said: “I’ve stopped doing it now.

“Every time I look up, I think of you telling me off!”

To which Paddy joked: “I like to think you’re thinking of me looking up in the distance.”

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