Holly Willoughby admits she’s scared of terrorist attacks on villages and seaside towns

The presenter is unsure whether police would be quick to respond in smaller towns

Holly Willoughby has shared her fears for terrorist attacks in smaller villages and seaside towns.

The mother-of-three voiced her concern on Tuesday’s episode of This Morning after a debate on whether police officers should be armed.

Things got quite heated between herself and Sue Hill, a retired Senior Detective for the Met Police.

Holly seemed concerned that people living in more rural places won’t be protected (Credit: ITV)

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There are calls for every member of the force to be armed with a gun after the attack in London bridge on Saturday.

Holly, who was also joined by co-host Phillip Schofield, said that the eight minute response in London was incredibly, but said it might not be as quick in other parts of the U.K.

Holly wanted other areas to be covered in case of an emergency (Credit: ITV)

The 36-year-old: “We’re in big cities now and we saw that eight minute response at London Bridge which we all know was brilliant. But what about seaside towns, what about towns in the north of England, little villages?

“I mean if somebody, a lone wolf attack somewhere like that – they’re not going to get an eight minute response.”

Sue, however, said: “Absolutely, but remember Holly, you will not have an armed officer on every street. You have to look at a long term policing strategy.”

Sue said that it wasn’t realistic that every officer would be armed (Credit: ITV)

Holly still wanted the final say, and replied: “All I’m saying is you could do.”

Sue became frustrated and said: “You can’t Holly. How can you do that? Overnight you saw when you came the amount of training that takes place. 50% of officers do not want to be armed.”

Viewers weighed in on the debate through Twitter.

One called Sue stupid, and said: “Listening to this stupid woman talking about not having police carry guns grrrr @ITV #thismorning this should be put to a vote!!”,

Another said that it’s a “no brainer” that they should carry guns.

However, others said that they should not be allowed to carry guns.

One said: “Police shouldn’t have to be armed we shouldn’t have to see armed police everywhere. It shouldn’t have to come to this.”.

Agreeing with Holly’s worry, another Twitter user pointed out that Cornwall is popular with tourists, and asked how long it would take for police to respond to calls.

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