Holly Willoughby admits DISASTROUS dating experience

The happily married presenter's love life could have ended up a lot differently!

This Morning star Holly Willoughby has fully opened up about her embarrassing first encounter with her husband’s mum, when the couple began dating.

Recounting the tale on Instagram, she said she wanted to impress Dan Baldwin’s Italian mamma with her culinary skills, by whipping up an aromatic potato dish flavoured with freshly picked rosemary.

It wasn’t until they all took a mouthful that they realised Holly had actually cooked with lavender. Yum.

But her confession, all in aid of promoting ITV’s reality show Meet The Parents, prompted fans to share even more horrific stories of their own.

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One follower admitted to throwing up all over her boyfriend to avoid making a mess of the back of the in-laws’ 4×4.

Another shared a less-that-traditional “childhood sweethearts” tale by revealing her mum-in-law-to-be caught the pair of them in her bed while they were bunking off school.

But the best one has to be the brave person who confessed to calling their boyfriend’s dad a “hero” as he helped them get up the stairs after a drunken evening out. While in his pants. Ooft.

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Now we really can’t wait for Saturday’s show!