Holly pushed a man out of a lift after he tried it on with her

Holly stunned viewers with her saucy LA story!

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To look at her, Holly Willoughby looks like a squeaky clean angel who would do no wrong.

But that didn’t stop a fella trying to come on to her in a lift, having mistaken her for a prostitute.

Yes, ’tis true.

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According to the This Morning star, during a trip to LA a few years ago, a man thought she was a lady of the night and tried it on with her.

The shocking secret emerged during a game called Master & Miss on Celebrity Juice in which host Keith Lemon had asked her and Fearne to write down the funniest thing Holly had done when she was drunk.

As she started to jot down her answer, Fearne teased, “I mean, there’s tonnes!”, and then held up her board that read “Failed to screw a dartboard to a wall”.

But that wasn’t the drunken episode that Holly remembered.

Oh no, she had a much better, more salacious one.

“My one I’m revealing was with Fearne in LA and I was very, very drunk,” she began.

Fearne seemed genuinely shocked by what Holly was about to reveal, and squealed,  “You’re gonna do that one?”

Holly held up her board that revealed :“I got in a lift and the man in the lift thought I was a prostitute.”

Taking over the rest of the story, Fearne added: “And then he got in and sort of propositioned Holly and she, this is what Holly does when she’s drunk, went “eff you”, and pushed him out the lift.”

Okay so not as naughty a story as it could have been but enough for us and the viewers to be tickled for hours.

But there was more sauciness to come when Keith cheekily challenged the two girls had to attempt an obstacle course while holding a banana between their mouthes.

Before they placed the phallic-shaped fruit in their gobs, Keith teased that male viewers below the age of 16 might enjoy the segment of the show, especially if their parents are out

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And miraculously the girls did pretty well, managing to complete the course without letting the banana slip from between their lips.