Holly cracks up as clown admits craze “could kill a child”

Inappropriate, much?

Killer clowns became a laughing matter for Holly Willoughby on ITV’s This Morning.

Holly couldn’t control her giggles as she tried to discuss the current craze, even when Phillip Schofield tried to intervene.

Despite a warning that children are at risk of dying as clowns sweep the nation, Holly couldn’t control her hysterics.

This wasn’t a callous reaction to the shocking wave of clown attacks though.

It was the fact that a Batman from Cumbria could be flying in to save the day, that set Holly off into a laughing fit.

It started as a serious look at the effect of killer clowns were having on the nation, with Scottish entertainer, Tommy The Clown warning of potential fatalities if this bizarre craze continued to sweep across the UK.

Tommy warned: “They could kill a child.

“They could give a young child a heart attack and kill them.”

Tommy has been clowning about since 1984 but admitted he was horrified by this new fad.

He admitted: “I think this is absolutely ridiculous as these people who do these funny faces they don’t realise how dangerous it is.

“If they frighten a child who is frightened of clowns they can give them a heart attack and kill them.

“The government need to sort them out as it could cost a child’s life.”

Tommy insisted that he was a happy clown and blasted this new ‘killer’ variant for having weapons.

He bemoaned: “The fact that they’re carrying knives is just unbelievable.”

Don’t worry folks as the ‘bat signal’ has shone above Gotham City, bringing an avenger that will put the killer clowns to bed.

Garry Bedford from Cumbria answered the call and, while dressed as Batman, explained to Holly and Phil how he will keep the public calm in this hour of need.

Of course, Holly was on her way to laughsville now, as she couldn’t cope with the absurdity of a clown and Batman going head-to-head.

While Batman won’t be flying around the country to take on the masked villains face-to-face, he has set up a special hotline for those that might be frightened by this craze.

Garry ‘Batman’ said: “There’s a lot of frightened children out there, little boys and girls.

“You can sense the fear that they’ve got of the clowns from the calls.

“Respect to Tommy and what he does but there are a lot of people in this clown craze who are playing on a lot of minds.”

Holly was long gone now as Phil tried his best to keep the segment together.

Who said that killer clowns wasn’t a laughing matter?