Holby fans FURIOUS as favourite character killed off

This came like a bolt out of the blue

Well! Holby City writers, hang your heads in shame.

There’s an army of very disgruntled viewers after last night’s episode.

One of the show’s most popular characters, junior doctor Jasmine was killed off.

Jasmine and Fran fight (Credit: BBC)

There was a dramatic showdown between her and Jac’s childhood friend/stalker Fran.

Fran pushed Jasmine and she landed on a scalpel in her pocket.

As she bled out, Fran left her – although, to be fair to her, she didn’t realise what was happening.

By the time Damon found the medic, the damage was done.

Bernie tried to save her life, but it was too late.

The team try to save the young doctor’s life (Credit: BBC)

It was a twist that no one saw coming, compounding viewers’ anger that a favourite player in the show had been wiped out.

They were quick to report their displeasure on Twitter…

There were tears as Hanssen broke news of Jasmine’s death to her colleagues and horror for Fran as she realised the enormity of her involvement.

Will she do the decent thing and fess up, though?