holby city dominic ben kiss romance

Holby City shock as Essie’s man Ben kisses her best friend Dom

He's facing a huge dilemma now

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Viewers of Holby City were as shocked as Dominic Copeland was when he received a surprise kiss on tonight’s episode—hinting at the start of a possible new romance—albeit one that’s problematic, to say the least.

Dom wasn’t just shocked though, he was also obviously flummoxed by the passionate smooch, as were fans of the show.

Well, that was confusing!

It was an emotional and traumatic day for Dom after Carole turned up at the hospital and he learned she’d been under observation over the past year for antecedence, which now required “immediate surgery”.

holby city dominic ben kiss romance
Carole surprised Dom when she turns up at Holby City hospital (Credit: BBC)

Thankfully, Henrick Hanssen had made a return to Holby earlier that day, so he was at the helm of the “straight forward procedure”, as he described the operation to the clearly terrified Carole.

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She couldn’t shake off the feeling of impending doom though, telling Hanssen, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this Henrick,” and making him swear to look out for Dom in the event she didn’t make it out of surgery.

holby city dominic ben kiss romance
Carole had a “bad feeling” about her impending surgery (Credit: BBC)

“Bye Dazzle, I love you,” she said to her son as she was being wheeled off to theatre.

Dominic was clearly worried about the surgery, as were the legion of Carole fans on Twitter:

Given his highly vulnerable emotional state, it was no surprise that the newly single doctor was grateful to Ben Sherwood when he unexpectedly became his “knight in shining armour” by providing some much-needed support for Dom.

holby city dominic ben kiss romance
Ben provided some much-needed support for Dom (Credit: BBC)

As Carole had suspected, the operation was a lot riskier than predicted. “There’s a bleed!’ a panicked Hanssen observed as Carole’s stats started plummeting.

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Henrick was so worried that he even uncharacteristically called for help, demanding Mr. Levy immediately come to his aide.

holby city dominic ben kiss romance
Carole’s surgery took a turn for the worse (Credit: BBC)

Sacha was tied up with another operation though, so Ben stepped in to try and save the day (in addition to Carole’s life), making Dom feel even more indebted to him. However, just in time, with minutes to spare Hanssen found the source of the bleed and repaired it.

“I knew Henrick wouldn’t let me down,” Carole told Dom when she awoke. “I had the best dream while I was asleep, I dreamt you’d met a wonderful man and settled down.”

“I’ll be back in the morning, everything is going to be ok, you get some rest now,” Dom replied before tenderly kissing Carole on the forehead. “I love you, Mum.”

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It didn’t take long before viewers learned that Ben’s sudden kindness towards Dom wasn’t driven by concern, he had an alternative motive, and he was more “opportunist” than “knight in shining armour”.

holby city dominic ben kiss romance
Ben’s motives started to become clear after he left the hospital with Dom (Credit: BBC)

“It’s been a long day, can’t wait to get on that plane,” Ben told Dom as they left the hospital together. “Meeting Essie and Aisla and the airport, we’re off to Rome for a few days. Bring on the Chianti and tiramisu.”

When the emotional toll from the day finally hit Dom and he started breaking down, Ben was quick to comfort him, initially with a hug.

holby city dominic ben kiss romance
Ben comforted Dom (Credit: BBC)

But things then took a shocking turn when the hug turned into a kiss, on the lips.

“Sorry mate, I just got caught up in the moment then,” Ben told a confused Dom after he pulled away. 

“Look, your mum is going to be fine. Don’t worry, OK?”

holby city dominic ben kiss romance
Dom was left confused by Ben’s unexpected makeout session (Credit: BBC)

Clearly, Dom was left feeling anything but NOT worried, as were fans of the show:

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