Holby abuse storyline takes terrifying turn

Save our Dom!

Holby City’s abuse storyline is set to get even darker as Dom faces more suffering at the hands of Isaac.

The show has released a new trailer which shows Isaac’s violent behaviour stepping up a gear – and Dom’s friends begging him to see their relationship is bad news.

We see Isaac examining various injuries in the scenes, and even covering up a black eye with make up.

Throughout the trailer, abusive Isaac lashes out at Dom, on one occasion throwing him to the floor, telling him:

“When I met you, you were broken. I fixed you.”

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There’s passion when they kiss, but then Isaac’s slamming Dom up against a wall in the next frame.

There might be light at the end of the tunnel as it seems Dom’s friends are onto what’s been happening and they’re desperate to make him see sense.

As Zosia confronts him, he tells her it’s just because their relationship is “intense”.

“It’s abuse, it’s control,” she yells back.

“It’s passion,” he replies.

“It’s violence,” she insists. But will it be enough to make him realise what’s really going on?

And with Isaac professing his love for Dom, it looks like he’s going to be further taken in and things are set to get even worse.

We’re reportedly going to get an insight into their home life, but with Isaac’s anger issues and controlling nature, it’s not going to be any happier away from the hospital.

Viewers are desperate for Dom to get away from Isaac, and have taken to Twitter to express their fears for the show fave.

“I hate what they’re doing to Dom, it’s an important story, but if this wasn’t Holby I wouldn’t put myself through it every week” said @may_flower266.

And @warrinerbeth revealed it’s making her furious: “If Isaac isn’t hideously killed off soon I’m going to explode. Stop hurting my Dom”.

“Please don’t break Dom” @loobysdmf begged.

“Someone help poor Dom quickly,” added @bradley_jules.

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With Zosia fighting Dom’s corner, can he escape Isaac’s clutches or is his nightmare only going to get worse?

What will it take for Dom to save himself? Will Isaac have to die for Dom to truly be free of him?