Scarlett Moffatt hits back at suggestion she’s had cosmetic surgery

She says it's all make-up

Rumours about Scarlett Moffatt’s cute button nose have followed her around for as long as she’s been famous.

People just can’t seem to believe that a nose so exquisitely sculpted could possibly be natural!

The question raised its head again recently when Scarlett posted a throwback picture of herself in Dubai.

She captioned the shot: “Cheering up my Monday blues with photos… Dubai with my little sister.”

Scarlett’s throwback shot (Credit: Instagram)

Among the usual praise Scarlett gets on her posts, talking about how great she is and what a nice sister she must be, one commenter had a more serious question.

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The user asked: “Scarlet have you had ur nose n lips done u look different still very pretty but diff”.

Scarlett, who fairly frequently takes the time to reply to people who have commented on her Instagram post, felt moved to respond.

She wrote: “hi no I haven’t it’s just make up, my nose is bloody tiny anyway I mean just look at every other picture of me on my Instagram”.

Scarlett has admitted to having lip fillers in the past, believing her “thin” upper lip was damaging her confidence.

And she’s also discussed the possibility of having a breast reduction, telling Heat magazine in 2016 that being so top-heavy was leaving her with back issues.

But she’s never admitted to any work on her nose, saying it’s always been small – and totally natural.

Scarlett also posted this make-up free selfie recently (Credit: Instagram)

Scarlett’s been making more of an effort to get back into the gym this year, saying she’d let her exercise regime get away from her over the past few months.

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She’s also said she wants to make more of an effort in the dating scene this year – so any gents who like small-nosed ladies, form an orderly queue!

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