EastEnders hints incest plot with Bernadette and Keanu will be revisited

Thought Enders might go for a light/ comedy vibe after the explosion? Ha ha ha ha

If you were waiting for some lighter months in Enders after the fake brain tumour/ gas explosion/ premature death era of late, then you’ve possibly only just started watching soaps and have a lot to learn.

Because next up for EastEnders is the incest plot that’s been hinted at before, with Bernadette and her brother Keanu.

The storyline’s returned for round two this week after Bernie heartbreakingly suffer a miscarriage at 18 weeks, with the baby supposed to have been fathered by her school friend Callum.

The Taylors are tipped for big things in EastEnders (Credit: BBC)

The scenes were extremely sad, with Bernie saying goodbye to her baby.

BUT we then saw her brother Keanu also get emotional about the loss too, collapsing to the floor and texting her ‘Love you’.

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And following on from the past storyline along those lines, viewers were quick to put two and two together and get ICK.

In an earlier episode Keanu was asked about having an incestuous relationship with his sister – and fathering her child.

At the time he shouted back: “Of course it’s not true, do you honestly think I could do that to my sister, to my 15-year-old sister? That’s what you think of me?”

And then the storyline was kind of… left.

Is Keanu the dad? (Credit: BBC)

But Lorraine Stanley, who plays Bernadette and Keanu’s mum Karen, has hinted that there is a whole load more to come from the plot.

She told that: “I can’t tell you everything yet as it hasn’t all happened.

“There’s some really good stuff coming up.

“You’re going to see a lot more vulnerability to the whole family.”

Bernie broke our hearts last week (Credit: BBC)
Ick ick ick ick ick (Credit: BBC)

And fans definitely now think that the twist to the storyline is that Keanu was Bernie’s baby’s dad and that the incest plotline is set to continue.


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Another posted: “So, is Keanu the dad?”

“Anyone else getting weird incest vibes from Bernadette and Keanu?” asked another.

While someone else commented: “The text ! .. I don’t get Keanu and Bernadette ……. sumat not right #eastenders.”

This is all getting very Georgia and Nat in Brookie, circa the mid-nineties, isn’t it?