Coronation Street hints at devastating end for Rita – and viewers are heartbroken

The change seems to have come from nowhere

Oh, we can scarcely begin to type this story, but it looks like recent fears that Rita in Corrie is developing dementia could be true.

After last night’s episode, viewers are concluding this is the devastating route her latest storyline is taking.

What other explanation could there be for the ugly way she has turned so quickly on Gemma – the stray she has taken so lovingly under her wing?

Rita hit the roof (Credit: ITV)

Her young friend – as was – desperately tried to convince the Kabin owner that she’d had nothing to do with the shop being ransacked and £100 being taken from her purse.

But Rita was convinced that, even if Gemma’s old wrong un pals were to blame, she was in on it with them.

Whose heart didn’t hurt a bit seeing how gutted Gemma was that Rita didn’t trust and believe her?

But there was worse to come – Rita called the police on her.

Rita has been forgetful of late (Credit: ITV)

And poor Gemma was arrested – for a crime that she actually hadn’t committed.

She desperately tried to plead her innocence to the cops – but it seems there is no chance of Rita being convinced.

Viewers seeing this unexpected side to Rita saw this as further evidence of dementia – we have already seen her be forgetful on a couple of occasions.

And they hit Twitter – where else? – to share their anxiety:

Coronation Street has confirmed there is a big storyline afoot for the Weatherfield legend. Is this it?

We’re not sure we can take it so soon after watching Ashley deteriorate in Emmerdale…

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