High heels campaigner signed up to play killer Phelan’s daughter in Corrie

She's set to make her mark on the Street

Coronation Street have reportedly cast Pat Phelan’s long-lost daughter, Nicola Rubenstein, and she’s someone that’s no stranger to being in the public eye.

According to The Mirror, Nicola Thorp has been given the job of playing the killer’s kid.

Nicola Thorp hit headlines last year over her show campaign (Credit: Twitter)

It might not be a name you recognise immediately, but last year she was thrust into the spotlight when she started a campaign against women having to wear heels to work.

It all began after she was sacked from her temp job as a receptionist when she refused to change out of her flat shoes.

She began a petition to change dress code laws that forced women to wear high heels, which ended up being signed by 150,000 people and gained worldwide notoriety for her campaign.

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Nicola appeared on Good Morning Britain to talk about her petition (Credit: Wenn)

And it looks like her character is set to cause a stir too.

Speaking to The Mirror, a Corrie source said: “Nicola is Seb Franklin’s case worker. Phelan knew her mum but wasn’t aware they had a child together.

“However, he recognises Nicola’s surname, does the maths and realises the truth.

“The crux of the story is how she will react because Nicola was in the dark too.

“Her arrival will make Phelan take a good hard look at himself but will it be enough to make him change his evil ways?”

Phelan murdered Andy Carver when he threatened to expose the bad-boy builder (Credit: ITV)

Viewers know Pat Phelan is a cold-blooded killer after he murdered Andy Carver and left Michael Rodwell to die when he suffered a heart attack.

So far, he’s managed to cover his crimes and has even wooed and won over Eileen Grimshaw, who he married immediately after offing Andy.

He’s been training up Seb Franklin to be his little mini-me. How will this latest twist affect their criminal partnership?

Phelan’s been getting Seb involved in his dodgy dealings (Credit: ITV)

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Will Nicola be the one to keep her dad on the straight and narrow?

Or could she fall off the path of goodness alongside him?