Heroic Emmerdale actor bottled after rescuing girl from assault

The alleged attacker has got away with it

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An Emmerdale actor who stepped in to help a girl while she was being attacked has been bottled in an horrific attack.

Iain Spivey, who has also modelled for brands including Adidas and Fitbit, was hit across the face with a glass bottle on a night out last August.

Recalling the moments just before the incident, he said that a young woman had fallen to the ground while trying to stop her brother form fighting a teen who was trying to chat her up.

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He said: “As most decent lads would, I ran over to help her.

“I was going in to help the girl up and as I did he (the attacker) blindsided me to the left-hand side of my face with a bottle. Complete coward’s trick.”

The 32-year-old, who has also appeared in Tina and Bobby, needed 15 stitches to his eye and the scars have stopped him from getting any decent work.

“The attack resulted in bad facial scaring and has really affected my work and has actually lost me jobs.

“Where I would be working pretty much full time every week, I’ve only had one job since August.”

His attacker was arrested, but Iain was told that there wasn’t enough sufficient evidence for the police to bring a case against the man.

Mr Spivey said: “He was not charged and has gotten away with it. I’ve been told he’s been gloating about getting off with it too, which just adds insult to injury.”

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Meanwhile, Mr Spivey has said he will have to find £2,000 to pay for repairs to his appearance.

He said: “What they will have to do is open it [the wound] up along the old scars and re-do it with plastic surgeon stitches.

“But I’m determined to make 2017 a great year regardless. Now I just want people to know the dangers of glassing.”