Here we go again! Lily Allen launches fresh attack at Simon Cowell

She just can't keep her mouth shut lately

Lily Allen has been very open of late.

A couple of weeks ago she told fans about how her daughter’s accident, and before that she revealed on Twitter that she had suffered PTSD after the death of her baby.

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Now she is all set to reveal that she will open up about the breakdown of her marriage on her new album.

Not only that she will touch on drugs too.

Wow, what next? An appearance on Jeremy Kyle?

Speaking in a New Roast pod cast, she said: “Weirdly, this album is quite insular. Mainly it’s to do with me and my relationship with my children, the breakdown of my marriage, substance abuse etc.”

Lily and her husband Sam Cooper, with whom she has two daughters Ethel and Marnie, split last year after five years of marriage and she is now dating Dan London, AKA Meridian Dan.

She also says that some of the songs she has written for the album “are a commentary in terms of the state of the world” but adds that she never wants to sound like she’s coming across like a patronising finger wagger.

“It’s quite difficult to deliver a political message without sounding really preachy and earnest, and have a catchy pop melody at the same time,” she said. “I have done it, twice, on this record, so look forward to it.”

She says that she believes pop stars are less inclined to be politically engaged these days because of The X Factor.

“Simon Cowell is a lot to blame,’ she sniffed. “I really mean that, it’s not a joke.”

She added: “Before that style or that obsession with fame came to fruition, you needed to play an instrument to be able to write your own songs.

“There’s usually some kind of political movement that went alongside any music.

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“I think the internet is a big part of it. When the internet essentially de-monetised music – not for record companies, just for artists – it limited people in terms of how they were able to express themselves.

“You can’t really be singing about your political beliefs if you’re doing gigs for arms dealers or oil barons.”

Mark Ronson, who is twiddling the knobs on the album, due out in June, says the record is her “most honest and heartbreaking ever”.

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