Helen Skelton recalls “mortifying and amazing” way she delivered her second child

That's some story to tell Louis when he's older!

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Helen Skelton has recounted the dramatic story of how she gave birth on her kitchen floor under the watchful eye of firefighters.

The Countryfile host and rugby player husband Richie Myler welcomed their second son, Louis, nearly a year go.

They are also parents to son Ernie, two.

Louis was born in France, where Helen and Richie had been living due to Richie’s contract with French rugby team, the Catalan Dragons. 

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Richie had been in England playing when Helen went into labour at home.

In an interview with the Mail on Sunday, she described how the events unfolded as she desperately tried to slow down her labour to allow Richie time to reach her.

Instagram @helenskelton
Helen gave birth to second son Louis in France (Credit: Instagram @helenskelton)

Helen, who first spoke about the dramatic experience last year, explained how she’d had a hot bath hoping to slow down labour, but it didn’t work, and when she got out, she could feel Louis coming.

“I climbed out of the bath and crawled naked to the front door to unlock it so that the ambulance crew could get in,” she said.

“But Eric started hitting me with a Ninja Turtles sword, thinking I was playing a game – until Louis’s head appeared and then he completely freaked out.”

Instagram @helenskelton
Helen’s husband Richie was playing in England when she went into labour at their French home (Credit: Instagram @helenskelton)

Helen went on to recount how two friends arrived at the house at the exact same time as two French firefighters – and just as Louis made his entrance in the world.

She said one of her friends delivered Louis, before a paramedic arrived to take them to hospital.

“My experience was painful, mortifying – and absolutely amazing,” she said.

Helen is a proud mum to her two boys (Credit: Fameflynet)

Helen first recounted her unusual birth circumstances in an interview with Hello magazine in May last year, in which she introduced Louis to readers.

She explained how she’d not been initially worried when she went into labour, as she’d been in labour with Ernie for two days before he appeared.

Louis, however, was a little more impatient!

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“I’m still not really sure why the fire brigade arrived but it seems they were the closest emergency service at the time,” she told Hello.

“The firefighters were lovely and beside themselves with excitement as they said they hadn’t been at a birth before, but bless them they weren’t up to speed with what you do so they were all flapping.

“It was all a bit frantic. We are just so relieved he is safely here.”

Helen, Richie, Ernie and Louis are now back in the UK and living in Leeds, where Richie plays for Leeds Rhinos.

She previously told Metro the couple were excited about the move as they were keen for the kids to be nearer their families.

“We’re both really close to our families so we kind of look forward to our parents seeing the kids whenever they want,” she said.

“We’ve had a great time in the south of France. We’re really lucky that we get lots of time on the beach, but it’ll be nice to be back with our family and friends – I’ve got a nephew now so it’ll be nice to see him a bit more.”

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