Helen Flanagan and Brooke Vincent hit back at trolls!

Corrie star isn't taking the criticism lying down

Earlier this week we told you how Corrie viewers were left divided by the return of Helen Flanagan to the UK’s most famous cobbles.

Some took to social media to welcome back Rosie Webster with open arms, while others were less kind and branded her acting skills a joke.

Well, let’s face it. Helen was never someone any of us thought was going to win an Oscar, was she? Bless her.

After taking part in an online Q&A giving away some backstage secrets about her return, the star was attacked by cruel trolls mocking her performance.

But the feisty Miss isn’t taking the criticism lying down.

Instead, the former Jungle star, who has played Rosie since she was 10, has taken to social media to give the trolls the proverbial finger.

Posting a graphic on her instagram feed, she raged, “No matter how rich, cool, educated, or talented you believe you are, how you treat people ultimately tells all.

“Integrity is everything.”

Helen was instantly supported by former Corrie co-star Michelle Keegan who clicked LIKE on the comment and by her on-screen sister, actress Brooke Vincent, who commented, “[love] my girl.”

Angry Brooke went on to defend Helen by reassuring her,  “Don’t let anyone EVER dull your sparkle,” and added an emoji for two women, a peace sign and a love heart.

Helen’s character burst back into the soap this week after a spell in the US but was swiftly caught up in a drugs drama when she was taken away by police for possession of cocaine.

Producers have clearly been pleased with her performance and the impact that her return has had because they have extended her stay from an initial three months to at least the end of the year!

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So we have a lot more of Rosie to see. So trolls beware!

While Helen says she is thrilled to be back with her Corrie family, she is feeling guilty about her return to full time work because she has been forced to leave her daughter Matilda behind at home.

“My mum is doing most of the childcare, but I did get a bit of ‘mum guilt’ when I first had to leave her to go back to Corrie,” she told OK! I’ve never felt anything like that before.”

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She went on to say: “Then I thought, I’m not doing anything wrong – just because I’m going to work doesn’t mean that I’m a bad mum. I cried the first day I dropped her off at nursery.”

“I love being a mum. I’ve always wanted to be a mum. Matilda is my pride and joy. She’s my everything. It has given me a meaning and purpose in life.”