Heartbroken Olly Murs can’t stop taking about ex to fans during gig

The Troublemaker singer opened up about the end of his three-year relationship

Olly Murs has revealed that he is still “broken-hearted” following the end of his three-year relationship with Francesca Thomas in September 2015.

Speaking during his gig at The 02, he told fans: “It’s really tough going through a break up you know, we’ve all been through break ups right?

“It’s not nice to have a broken heart, mine’s still broken.”

After singing his track Grow Up, he continued: “Maybe I do need to grow up, I think I do.

“When I was in my old relationship, my ex relationship, I got told quite a few times I needed to grow up. I’m not perfect.”

He mentioned Francesca Thomas yet again when he introduced his song I Need You Now.

“This next song that I’m going to sing is a song I used to sing years ago, but then I got a girlfriend and she didn’t like the song, and now she’s an ex-girlfriend,” he said.

“But can I just put it out there that I didn’t dump her just because she didn’t like my song! I’m not that shallow.”

The Troublemaker singer recently revealed that touring was different now he is single, and he has to make sure he doesn’t go out partying after a show.

“If I’ve learned one thing, it’s ‘Don’t go out drinking after a show,’” he told the Daily Star. “I can’t do it. I’ve tried over the years, but no. It’s not for me.”

“Now I’m single that’ll be harder. When I had a girlfriend, like on the last tour, we’d be together or we’d be on the phone chatting, so I wasn’t going out.

“This is the first tour where I’ve been single in a while, so it’ll be harder to stay professional. But I will.”

He penned songs about Francesca after they split. He says: “I still have that feeling of missing my ex and things but you have to move on.”

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