Katie Price has shared her heartbreak over family’s latest tragedy

She's had a dreadful year

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It’s been an incredibly difficult year for Katie Price, having discovered that husband Kieran cheated on her again, and that her mother Amy was ill.

Now, as 2017 begins to draw to a close, the Loose Women panellist has been hit by more tragedy.

Katie shared her devastation with fans via Instagram after losing one of her horses in a terrible accident.

The 39-year-old, a keen equestrian since childhood, explained that the beloved beast was among a group who escaped from their field onto a road.

Sadly her horse was struck by a passing car and died.

One of Katie’s beloved horses has died (Credit: FameFlynet)

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In a poignant social media message posted the day after the incident, the heartbroken star said: “Last night our friends’ horses, including one of ours, escaped from their field and ran onto the road.

“We are extremely upset to find out one of our horses was killed last night being hit by a car. We are devastated.

“Our friends’ other four horses, thank God, are alive, with a couple of them injured and are still being treated by the vet and will be okay!”

She added: “Thank God the driver of this car was very lucky and escaped and wish him well, police were amazing and so was the local community and thank them all!”

Instagram @officialkatieprice
Katie shared this image of the car to social media (Credit: Instagram @officialkatieprice)

Shockingly, Katie said the family were very “upset” to find pictures of the deceased horse on the road had been circulating on Facebook.

She added that the devastating incident had reminded her of a similar one in Argentina many years ago, saying: “We are in shock still and reminds me again of the time in Argentina when I was involved in a horrific car accident when the car I was in killed two horses that died in my arms.”

She wrote about that incident in her autobiography Love, Lipstick and Lies, saying then-fiance Leandro Penna had been driving a 4×4 through a mountainous area where two horses appeared on the road in front of them.

Horse lover Katie pictured at a 2012 photocall. This was not the horse that passed away. (Credit: FameFlynet)

“I was devastated that the horses had died,” she wrote. “Apparently the mare and her foal had escaped from a nearby farm after someone left the gate open.

“Horses are one of my great passions, they are such wonderful, beautiful animals and seeing two die in agony, right in front of me, affected me deeply.”

Fans were quick to rally around Katie on social media, sending her love and support at this difficult time.

One summed it up by saying: “It is heartbreaking when we lose a beloved pet. Hope everyone is fine now. Thinking of you and your friends, and also the poor driver, it must have been such a shock to them also. Stay safe.”

Katie will doubtless be glad to turn see the back of 2017 and the heartache it’s brought her.

In August she announced plans to divorce her husband Kieran Hayler as his fling with their kids’ nanny came to light.

Katie’s had a dreadful few months (Credit: ITV)

Then came the shock news that her beloved mum Amy has been diagnosed with a terminal lung condition.

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She’s also been dealing with threats towards her disabled son Harvey, after blackmailers vowed to kidnap the teenager if Katie didn’t pay a cash ransom.

It’s no wonder she recently told Good Morning Britain: “These past few months have been the worst months ever.”

We all wish her a less traumatic 2018.

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