Heart-tugging BBC Christmas ad SLAMMED for heaping “guilt” on working mums

Other fans say it's "even better than the John Lewis" festive advert

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The BBC’s Christmas advert showing a lonely teenager desperate for his mum to finish work  so he can spend time with her has been hit by a furious backlash.

BBC1’s two-minute festive short tells the story of a mother having a hectic day in the office and missing out on quality time with her son.

Time then stands still as she decides to leave work early and meet up with the boy at a seaside amusement arcade.

It reduced many viewers to tears, but others have blasted the BBC for heaping “guilt” on working mums.

The trailer starts with the mum telling her son she might not be able to spend time with him that day because of work.

As her day becomes frantic, time freezes as she looks at a photo of the pair of them and she rushes out of the office to be with him.

The mum sees a photo of her with her son (Credit: @BBCOne/Twitter)

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They then enjoy table hockey together, riding on dodgems and cuddling on a bench while eating candy floss.

The advert, called Wonderland, ends with the heartwarming message: “Christmas time together.”

The boy sees his mum at the seaside (Credit: @BBCOne/Twitter)

But some viewers took to social media to criticise it.

One tweeted: “Working parents don’t need extra guilt about the time away from our kids. We don’t do it for the fun of it, we do it to feed them, clothe them, and protect them. Awful advert.”

Another posted: “Errr sorry, working parents have enough of their own self-made guilt without the BBC ploughing in!”

The pair ride the dodgems (Credit: @BBCOne/Twitter)

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A third had a slightly different take, writing: ” And if you have no-one to be with at Christmas, what then @BBCOne ? Thanks for rubbing salt in the wound. Pretty insensitive of the national broadcaster.”

Someone else said: “To me this just normalises the idea we are living stressed out lives with no time to enjoy ourselves. We, collectively, should not accept this state of affairs.”

The majority, however loved the advert, with some saying it was better than John Lewis’s.

One tweeted: “This is probably BBC One’s most touching Christmas video to date.”

Time freezes for everyone but the mum and boy (Credit: @BBCOne/Twitter)

Another added: “… gulp, damn you @BBCOne – something in my eye.”

A third posted: “Sitting here sobbing. What an absolutely beautiful film. Family is SO important.”

A BBC spokesperson told MailOnline: “We have had an extraordinarily positive response to the film from audiences.

“Everyone is busy at this time of year and the film is simply about people cherishing the time they spend with loved ones.”

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