Have Hollyoaks viewers already worked out Ste didn’t kill Amy?

Viewers are baffled by murder but spot a clue!

Okay, so we know it was going to happen, but we were still shocked when Ryan found new wife Amy murdered in Hollyoaks last night.

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Of course what we all wanted to work out was – was Ste the killer?

Viewers were led to believe that the fella had something sinister to hide when he was spotted desperately trying to wash away bloodstains.

His strange behaviour definitely had Tony and Diane thinking that he had done something very stupid during one of his blackouts.

But an addled – and not so convincing – Ste swore blind he had nothing to do with the crime, although couldn’t actually remember where he had been. Hmmm.

When police dropped by to question him, hubby Harry jumped to his defence and gave him an alibi and told them that they had been together all night.

So who did it? Was it Ste? Or is that too obvious?

Speaking recently about Amy’s exit, actress Ashley Slania-Davies told Inside Soap: “I was told Amy would be killed off when Hollyoaks asked me to come back.

“It’s been a blast to be back for a year and I think it’s a good way to go, too.

“It’s very exciting and I never thought I’d get an exit like this because Amy isn’t the most thrilling of characters!”

According to reports, producers have shot seven different endings to Amy Barnes’ death mystery.

Kieron Richardson recently revealed that Hollyoaks had filmed multiple outcomes to the dark storyline.

The scenes have been shot but only one will be used when the story comes to a head later in the year.

Among the suspects we have Ste Hay, Ryan Knight, Harry Thompson, James Nightingale, Mercedes McQueen and DS Armstrong, all of whom filmed have flashbacks which “reveal” them as Amy’s killer.

We also hear that there will be a seventh character who’ll have a flashback segment filmed, but that’s being kept hush hush for now – suggesting that this particular character could actually be the killer.

“We’re filming several endings to preserve the secrecy around the storyline and make sure that Amy’s killer doesn’t get leaked ahead of the big reveal,” a source has told Digital Spy.

“Each of the scenes will be flashbacks to the night of Amy’s death, but only one will ever be shown on TV when the mystery is solved later this year.”

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Although Ste Hay seems to be the obvious suspect for Amy’s death, after he was seen rowing with her and later looking confused and disorientated, it seems like there could be a few twists and turns in the story to come.

Also eagle-eyed viewers took to social media to point out that when the killer was seen to be washing blood off their hands the sleeves were dark – while Ste’s was wearing a light jacket.

Hmmm… the mystery thickens.