Has Hollyoaks revealed who dies in bike crash horror?

Someone's set to be critical after the big stunt

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Hollyoaks recent spring trailer really caused a stir as fans speculated on the upcoming storylines it showed.

Running throughout the two minutes of dramatic clips was a motorbike carrying two people, speeding through the village and down country lanes.

The end of the trailer saw the bike crash and bodies in the road, but whose?

The crash leaves the bikers sprawled in the road (Credit: YouTube/Hollyoaks)

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Resident trainee priest Joel Dexter is the man who rides a motorbike, so the chances are he’s the one who’s driving, and now it looks like Cleo McQueen will be his passenger.

A post on Hollyoaks Twitter feed showed a behind the scenes peek at filming of the stunt, and the characters who are involved.

So that’s Joel, Cleo, Alfie Nightingale, Tom Cunningham, Lily Drinkwell and newcomer Yasmine all on location.

With Tom currently learning to drive – and not doing very well at it – and a car being involved in the smash, is he the one driving?

Someone runs to the scene to help (Credit: YouTube/Hollyoaks)

Someone is seen running to the scene – and it looks like it could be Tom.

And a bit of detective work sees the person on the back of the bike wearing a padded cream jacket – and that’s what Cleo’s wearing in the #HollyGoss clip.

The bike speeds down country lanes (Credit: YouTube/Hollyoaks)

With a photo released by the soap showing a hospital bed with Joel’s name above it, it seems likely he’s going to be involved in the crash somehow, but will he die?

Or will it be Cleo?

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Joel and Cleo are close to kissing (Credit: Lime Pictures)

She and Joel are currently fighting their feelings for each other, and the trailer also shows them moving in for a kiss, even though he’s a priest.

Are they running away together when the crash happens? And is it set to destroy their romance before it even begins?